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Default Your most embarrassing auto correct?

Basically recall a time your phone auto corrected to something embarrassing or hilarious.

For me I was messaging one of my case managers from school about our next appointment. My original text was "I'll see you next time", but after I hit send I saw it sent as "I'll skin you next time".

I freaked for a bit and tried to send the corrected message, but luckly she understood and even laughed about it when I went to see her.
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My phone doesn't autocorrect for some reason.

However I type like I'm ****ing drunk on smartphones. I don't know if the buttons are not big enough for my fingers, but I just end up looking like I can't spell. I can't be bothered to type slow enough to spell correctly though, I'd be there all day.

For example, last week I sent my Mom this typing in a rush (spelled exactly as I typed/sent it)

"Finish at half 5 but I goung to gey my hair cut afte rso I'll be latet"

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None. I proof read before I send. =/
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not my most embarrassing one but today i miswrote my crush's name cuz of autocorrect and he didn't want to be an ass so he didn't correct me kek
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I've never used autocorrect so I can't join in on the fun. Funny story though Charmed
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Conversation with a friend. Boyfriends name is Robbie. I was telling them to get a puppy.

Friend: Nah, itís a cat house.

Me: Oh thatís right. I forgot about Robbies titties.
*seconds later*
Me again: KITTIES! Whoops!

Friend: WTF?

Me: Jeez. I wonít forget about his titties next time. God.
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It was in Portuguese, and a few years ago (More than 10 years, honestly. It wasn't even real autocorrect, but that "smart writing" features old phones had). I wanted to ask my cousin X when the birthday of a different cousin Y was.

But autocorrect being autocorrect changed "hey X, quando ť que Y faz anos?" (Hey X, when is Y's birthday?) to "Hey X, quando ť que Y faz amor?" (Hey X, when does Y make love?")

We still laugh about it this day.
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I donít have an autocorrect story, but Iíve sent a gif of a sphynx cat glaring by accident during some adult texting which totally killed the mood.
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