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Ripped some models from Granado Espada
rigged and weighed. How do i convert them to xps

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Originally Posted by paul00hyeah View Post
I've been searching for a 2012 file that unfortunately doesn't exist anymore.If anyone still got this file and doesn't mind sharing I will be very grateful.
look for a link on one of his newer posts on DA, follow the link to his model there and it should also list all his old models
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Originally Posted by HenryCST View Post

Adjusted rig, added optional items and GTA SA's desert eagles as placeholders.

Contains two models:
.xps model is A-Posed Lara.
.mesh model is T-Posed Lara.

Extracted by Gh0stBlade
Converted to XPS by me.
WOOOOOW!!!!!! I was like "Where do I know this girl from".

She has now graduated to icon. I'd like to see this model included in all future ingame model lineups from henceforth.
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Hey all! I've been looking for this old bubblegum model. Here's a link to an image of it:[IMG]https://i.**********/YHMek18.jpg[/IMG]
It's a model from the DeviantArt user deexie, but unfortunately the link to the download no longer works. Here's a link to deexie's page:

Was wondering if anyone might still have this model and be willing to share it? I really want to use it for a set I'm currently on. Thanks in advance to any replies!

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Does somebody have a "Cate Action" model from No One Lives Forever 2?

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