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I don't believe in it at all.

Originally Posted by patriots88888 View Post
but what about when this occurs right from the get go (right from the time when you first meet)?
That only happens in movies....

Originally Posted by interstellardave View Post
My wife and I have such events all the time. We are very much "in tune" in a lot of ways, and a lot of the time.
Because you know each other so well.
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I believe in soulmates
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I think the whole term is blown out of proportion. Compatible personalities seems like the more logical term.
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I say fact
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I have it quite regularly with my bf ; we say the same things at the same time ; or sometimes he says something that I wanted to say or the other way around; or when he comes home from work I tell him what we're going to eat and he's like; I just wanted to ask you to make that
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I think soul mate is more of a Metaphor than anything, for someone who's "perfect" for you.

It's impossible for humans to genetically create a person with a proper genetic make up to match up with other (fe)males to create the perfect baby, perfect personality for mental interest and stimulation, and individual quirks and assets /extras/other/misc..
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I think it's a pretty idea, like reincarnation or an afterlife.
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I entertain the idea, while not completely believing it. I think that there are more than on soul mate per person. There's 7 billion people in the world (although, not all of them compatible for love, seeing as many are children, relatives, etc.), how can one imagine that there is only ONE soul mate for them, and that they will find them in the sea of 7 billion people?
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I do believe in the chemestry affinity between certain people. When that happens it's like magic.
It's like the ease that some elements of the periodic table have to combine with others. Soulmates.
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Fiction, a relationship is what you make of it.
Does anybody really read these?!
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