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Fiction , but I do believe that some people are lucky enough to find a good/perfect match .
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Yes, I believe in soulmates. And I believe you can find your soulmate through faith. (Not faith in religion or anything like that, but faith in yourself, and faith in that you will find someone). Otherwise, your finding them could be said to be sheer dumb luck.

Personally I like to believe there's someone out there who's meant for me. I don't really like the idea of chance.

Originally Posted by StefanJ94 View Post
Hopefully fiction. I don't want to waste time searching for my "soul mate".
You don't search for soulmates... That's the whole point.
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Originally Posted by MiCkiZ88 View Post
Point is to believe. If you proceed to be cynical and thinking love will never find me, it will not. You're not allowing it to happen. Your true love/soul mate could be close to you or you might find it at the other side of the world.

Live, enjoy life and believe in true love/soul mate and it will happen. Of course that doesn't mean you have to sit home all day long just waiting for it to come, you have to be active as well.

First love isn't always the one either.
I know, heard it all before.

First, people told me I wasn't being open enough, and guys don't approach me because I always shut them out. They told me I just had to go out and get to know them so that I could find out if there was "the right one" for me.

So I did that, met a guy I really liked, and got my heart broken brutally.

Now other people say it was because I was TOO forward and shouldn't have been so open towards him.

....you know what, screw that ****. I think I don't want to waste my life going from heartbreak to heartbreak just to find "the one", considering it's very possible that I never find him at all.
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