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I got some health issues (I'm waiting for kidney surgery for stones ), hopefully I can continue working on it at the end of September! Coding is fun but I feel light headed.
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My God, I hope you'll get well soon.
The one who owns a minigun fears not.
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not again!
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Ow, wishing you the speediest of recoveries! Feel better soon, Bergus!
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Since my 3DS Max license has expired I'm looking to try other software in case I don't find another solution. And I just gave a try to WadBlender, but knowing I know almost 0 thing about Blender.

I did manage to import LARA, and add some keyframes to edit her animation.

However I'm still puzzled about how to do 2 things right now, and I didn't find the explanation in the README page (and I'm not gonna lie, I didn't read this thread considering the number of pages it has):
  • Can I edit the original animation, see its keyframes, instead of only adding something on top of the existing one? I can press the Record button and make a few modifications, I do see the keys appearing in the timeline, but I can't see the original ones.
  • I can see in the Scene collection, under LARA_RIG, all Lara's animations from the WAD. However I have no idea how to import them, if I simply double-click on them I get a "Cannot edit external library data" message at the bottom. What do I need to do?

Also a third thing I didn't find mentioned: is opening WAD2 planned or not at all?

For the rest of the Blender-specific things, I'll just watch a few videos or search the internet to get a bit more familiar with Blender itself and see how I could use it.
I already love the fact that Lara's model is jointed, and that her textures are displayed correctly. ��

So I've been playing a little, and figured how to load an animation. However some of my animations are using framerate different than 1, so I need to scale them in Blender because they don't come at the correct speed by default. So I tried scaling, and I get weird results with the interpolation.

Do you have any idea what this could be?

Also, I heard there was an importer for .anim files. That would mean I could completely switch to .WAD2. Where is it?

EDIT: I had completely missed the Open Blender To Tomb Editor Workflow Thread, and the fact that it has videos covering a few subjects, including WadBlender. I'll check these out and continue from there.

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