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Well to each their own Greenapple. I enjoyed it, I just wasn't thrilled about the change to Lara's back story. The original story was perfect for Lara imho.
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I like the game as a whole. What I will say is seeing all the beta stuff this month really makes me feel like the game got simplified from its potential. Especially the length and some outfits that could’ve been fun to replay with.
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I'm guessing that's either PC only or streaming.
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- Some absolutely gorgeous and atmospheric levels like Bolivia, Tokyo, Ghana (the waterfall is a Top 5 Tomb Raider moment), Kazakhstan, King Arthur's Tomb and Nepal.
- In general I liked the more action-arcade-like gameplay. Sometimes you just want a game that's easy to breeze through unlike the classics where you can take minutes to set up a difficult jump or figuring out a very vague puzzle.
- Great soundtrack for the most part.
- I LOVED this iteration of Lara. For me it's the best characterization of Lara in the entire series. Keeley Hawes absolutely killed it and in my opinion is Lara's best voice actress. And Karima Adebibe was the best promotional model, I loved her so much and how passionate she was about Lara and the TR series. I was so sad when she got replaced in Underworld.


- Combat was boring and tedious. In general I didn't care for the combat in the classic games either but the time-slow mechanic dragged all the fights out and I always found myself getting killed by accidentally rolling into a stray grenade. Combat against the very few animal enemies wasn't fun either because the combat system clearly wasn't built with animals in mind. I think the combat in Anniversary was a massive improvement and a lot more fun.
- All the secondary weapons apart from the Assault Rifle were useless.
- It's waaaaaaaay too short. I beat the entire game (without getting all the rewards mind you) the same day of getting it. After the incredible cutscene after the boss fight with Amanda/Unknown Entity I was excited to see what was going to happen next... then the credits rolled. I was like "Wait... THAT'S IT?"
- Zip and Allister (ESPECIALLY Allister) were annoying. I cheered when Allister got killed off early on in Underworld, Crystal Dynamics clearly knew the fans hated him.
- Rutland was a terrible and incredibly one-dimensional villain. Amanda should've been fleshed out more instead of him taking up space.
- Not many puzzles, aside from the really good one for the gold reward in the temple in Peru.
- Platforming was very clunky and inconsistent. At times Lara would just not make a jump that she clearly should but she will fall to her death because you didn't approach the jump at a very specific angle. This was especially frustrating when you're trying to complete all the time trials. Sure, the platforming in the classics could be slow at times, but as long as you know how the grid system worked it was always 100% consistent.

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I might update this post in the future to add things.


Seriously, the environments feel alive. There are a lot of small and mostly unnoticed details that gives your subconsicous the feeling of reality. The tiny rocks pebbels effects and sounds really immerse the player in the environment. And globetrotting is a very big positive point.

This version of Lara is obviously the most acrobatic one and controlling her feels awesome. The movement and physic based puzzles and traps fits in very well with the alive environment I mentioned earlier.

So, I don't think the game was primarily about her mother, but rather Amelia was just a collateral motive that makes Lara keep diving deeper. However; the substory and the idea of connecting different cultures under a big monomyth and hints of people who were shaping humanity's destiny (before Assasins Creed was out) is very appealing thing for me. The hints of this substory was rather faint in Legend, only mentioned during one or two not-so-important cinematics but they actually lay the foundations of the road where LAU will go through. In Anniversary they enrich this with Atlantis being the origin of multiple different cultures that first spread in three (Mesoamerican, Greek, Egyptian) and then their decessors created even more cultures based on these. And Raidercast's idea of crystalization of Queen of Tiwanaku and King Arthur might be a similar process how Natla was crystalized further supports this. I can go on a lot longer about this substory but I think it's okay for now. :P

Then, unfortunately Underworld came and wrecked everything and made a mess.

I really like the supporting characters in this game. Starting with Lara's friends and even the villains. Say whatever you want about Alister. I love him. (I also love Shaun Hastings from AC, so kill me.) A lot of people didn't like company of Zip and Alister but that was the highlight for me. Anniversary was okay-ish and made sense in the timeline but the silence in Underworld was unbearable. Winston's approach to Lara was a personal favourite of mine. There was a perfect balance of "being a butler" and "the person who essentialy raised Lara".

Do I really have to comment on this?
Almost all of Lara's lines are catchphrases in the fandom at this point. And some of the lines from the bosses always amuses me.
"Now you pay your foolishness."
or if you throw grenades at Rutland he will say
"Ooh, you have some too."
and when you break the balconies in the area he will say
"I thought archaeologists were more careful than this"


It's not a secret the game is too short. The levels themselves are too short and consequently the entire game. You can't ever get used to an area. Just as you're starting to feel, the section ends. You can't taste them properly.

The game is very easy for a TR title. The difficulty settings in this game only affects the enemies' damage and health and that doesn't really make the game harder. If I recall correctly it also gives you less time to react in QTE's but that's it. The puzzles, platforming etc. everything is the same.

Three medipack limit is also stupid imho.

-Removed/Changes Areas
One can find on the internet that there are a lot of removed/unused/changed areas in this game. I think all of them are great losses to be honest. All of them should've been kept, it would make the game much more interesting and longer. There are even official screenshots that are being used on the internet that feature those removed and beta areas like that removed snowy temple.

-Motorcyle Sections
Sounds good on paper but the execution was not good. The areas was too obviously repeated and both of them takes a long time it gets boring. Soundtracks were amazing though.

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I love Legend just disappointed it never got a release on the Wii.
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- Exotic locations
- That evening dress in Japan
- Soundtrack

- Ended so quickly. The story was a little short.
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