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Default Looking for models of Alice from RE Afterlife and RE Retribution

Hello everyone, I'm struggling to find some models of Alice as she appears in the two Resident Evil films, Afterlife and Retribution.

Currently I have Alice from RE1 and RE Apocalypse, and the Ninja Clone Alice from RE Afterlife which were created by Rolanda. I also have Alice from RE Extinction which was created by Thoughraid.

The problem is that these were old models and I expected to find the ones that I were looking for by these users but they don't seem to be active anymore and they never made them. Plus, Thoughraid seemed to disappear and deleted all of his old work. So I'm wondering if anyone has Afterlife and Retribution Alice or if someone is willing to make them. I would like to have them in the same style as the older models I have.

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Could someone link me to Tomb Raider Last Revelation Lara?
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Does anyone have the models from Britney dance beat game?
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Anyone got the polar and grizzly bears from diablo IV?
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