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Default Tomb Raider Underworld Modding, Costumes & Texturing - Discussion

The Tomb Raider: Underworld PC demo is out and the full game will follow soon. So I thought it's the right time to finally open this thread .
If the moderators think differently about this than feel free to close the thread .

Intro post by tlr online/ELEN:_____________________________
What is this all about? (intro from Elen) (For the newcomers)

Many members of this forum (and why not you?) create beautiful outfits for our Underworld Lara. To create an outfit, you need a small program. You can choose either TexMod or Tomb Ripper. With these programs, you don’t change only the outfit, but also Lara’s hair, eyes, skin, gear etc. You can also modify the complete levels textures, both background and foreground (thanks Chi for reminding me). The members can then download your work and use it whilst playing Tomb Raider Underworld.


Blue Bikini by Tansy

Dantelle Dress by Gray

Sin City by zipper

BloodRayne by Tombcool

Our huge collection can be found here. On the same page you will also find detailed instructions for both programs and useful tutorials (written by shimodax and Lee). The tutorials explain how you can create an outfit (for the builders) and how you can use them in the game (for the players).

If you want your outfit to be included on HUB post to this thread.

NOTE: I just want to remind you that all outfits you post here and the ones you send me must agree with the following: They will not show anything more than what the original outfits show. For example, a bikini outfit must not show anything more than what the original bikini outfit show. Images that violate this rule will be removed without warning. Also, if you want to include a legend on the outfit (a message or something), make sure it is appropriate. Thank you.
Useful Links:

All of Lara's Underworld textures ripped by Quasimodo:
Underworld Outfit Textures

Lara's hair textures ripped by Axelia:
Underworld Hair Textures

Nextgen modding tutorial by Sir Croft:
NG-Modding Tutorial
If you post download links for your moddings in this thread please always say whether the modding is for the demo version or the full game (if that is not made apparent by the screenshots accompanying the link). If I can not see whether it is from the demo or the full version I will assume it's from the demo and that is what will be written into the list below.
Download Links (until TRHub has a TRU modding section):
001.TRU Classic Lara by TRJTA - Demo
002.TRU Legend by ivaneiroX - Demo
003.Halloween Level Mod by Ward Dragon - Demo
004.New Water by TRJTA - Demo
005.Kinda Classic Lara by Laras Man - Demo
006.High-Res Leaves by TRJTA - Demo
007.No Grenade Light by TRJTA - Demo
008.Black Underworld Outfit by Minty Mouth - Demo
009.Modern AoD/More Realistic Lara by Melonie Tomb Raider - Demo
010.White/Grey Underworld Outfit by Zolee/Minty Mouth - Demo
011.Purple/Pink Underworld Outfit by b0bb13/Minty Mouth - Demo
012.Turquoise Jeans by Minty Mouth - Demo
013.Red Sport Underworld Outfit by Zebra/Larson 1988 - Demo
014.Scary Face Beta by croft94/Minty Mouth - Demo
015.New Face by sandygrimm/Minty Mouth - Demo
016.foliage by Yatu - Demo
017.Adidas by MooK - Demo
018.Black Underworld Outfit by Randall - Demo
019.Blue Underworld Outfit by Randall - Demo
020.Green Underworld Outfit by Randall - Demo
021.Red Underworld Outfit by Randall - Demo
022.White Underworld Outfit by Randall - Demo
023.Blondie by Quasimodo - Demo
024.Everlast by MaxPower - Demo
025.Dark Lara by MaxPower - Demo
026.Classic by MaxPower - Demo
027.Asian Dragon by MaxPower - Demo
028.Pure White by MaxPower - Demo
029.Pink Lara (and boat) by MaxPower - Demo
030.More Realistic Lara by TRJTA - Demo
031.AoD Red and Brown Shorts by Laras Man - Demo
032.Indigo.Lara by Yatu - Demo
033.Runner Lara by Tomb Raider 5194 - Demo
034.New Horizon by LaraCablara - Demo
035.Camo by Minty Mouth - Demo
036.Camo Shorts by Minty Mouth - Demo
037.Runner Lara 2.0 by Tomb Raider 5194 - Demo
038.Frashed by Veralsy - Demo
039.The Forbidden Kingdom by toxicraider/Axelia - Demo
040.Faith (Mirror's Edge) by MooK - Demo
041.Jacqueline Natla by Axelia - Demo
042.Green and White Lara by toxicraider/Axelia - Demo
043.Fit Lara by jonjon - Demo
044.Angelina Jolie by ChingKong/Quasimodo - Demo
045.High-Res Thailand Horizon by TRJTA - Demo
046.Dante (DMC) by Randall - Demo
047.Lady (DMC) by Randall - Demo
048.Nero (DMC) by Randall - Demo
049.Trish (DMC) by Randall - Demo
050.Vergil (DMC) by Randall - Demo
051.Red Bikini by Zipper - Demo
052.TR Legend by dcw123 - Demo
053.Digital Camo by Predator1 - Demo
054.Blonde Lara (Face and Hair) by Dandan22 - Demo
055.Claire Redfield by dcw 123 - Demo
056.Green and Gray by stealthrt - Demo
057.Skeleton Lara by MooK - Demo
058.Blonde Lara 2 by Dandan22 - Demo
059.The Joker by MaxPower - Demo
060.Red & Black by MaxPower - Demo
061.Swimmer by MaxPower - Demo
062.Vampire Lara and Thailand at Night by freeze10108 - Demo
063.Anaya Imanu by tha_mattster - Demo
064.NKOYO by Quasimodo - Demo
065.Pepsi Cola Suit by Zipper - Demo
066.Coca Cola Bra by Zipper - Demo
067.Z - Zorro by Zipper - Demo
068.Sporty Jeans by Cristina - Demo
069.Liveguard by Zipper - Demo
070.Heat of Thailand & Liveguard by Zipper - Demo
071.Flesh Water by Sir Crift - Demo
072.No Face Curl Face by MyRaider4Life - Demo
073.Black Pearl by Alex Fly - Demo
074.Mexico Jeans by ivaneiroX - Game
075.Estelle by siriell - Demo
076.Super Shiny Plastic Fantastic Lara & Extra Sparkles Wet Effect by Quasimodo - Demo
078.Estelle Brunette by siriell - Demo
079.Doppelganger by Billy959 - Demo
080.Black and Gold Bikini by Mrishina - Game
081.Pink Bathing Suit by scrdnight - Game
082.Light Blue and Gold Bikini by Mrishina - Game
083.Blue and Gold Bikini by Mrshina - Game
084.Bathing Suit Version 1.1 by scrdnight - Game
085.Tanned Lara by chris-VIS - Game
086.Dark Blue Lara Shorts by Kaellon - Demo
087.Dark Blue Lara Fishnets by Kaellon - Demo
088.Dark Blue Lara Pants by Kaellon - Demo
089.Evil Lara Version 2 by Kaellon - Demo
090.Doppelganger by Mrishina - Game
091.Tanned Lara Version 2 by chris-VIS - Game
092.Amanda by Dandan22 - Demo
093.Browny Lara by Laras man - Game
094.AoD Shorts by ayal91 - Game
095.AoD Pants by ayal91 - Game
096.Secret Character??? by grotesque - Game
097.SHI by zipper - Game
098.New Wetsuit by Arachnus - Game
099.White Wetsuit by Ariel - Game
100.Everything Changed by MaxPower - Game
101.Angel of Darkness Paris Denim by dcw123 - Game
102.Tomb Raider 3 Antarctica Gear by dcw123 - Game
103.Tomb Raider 2 SOLA Wetsuit by dcw123 - Game
104.Snowland by MyRaider4Life - Game
105.New Swimsuit (Blue/Yellow/White/Black) by Dare - Game
106.New Swimsuit 2 (Black/Red) by Dare - Game
107.Black&White Casual by Dare - Game
108.Mutter by zipper - Game
109.New Jungle Shorts (White/Blue) by Dare - Game
110.New Jungle Pants (Grey) by Dare - Game
111.Pink Jungle Shorts by Weemanply109 - Game
112.Synthia by Axelia - Game
113.Black&White Heavy Snow by Dare - Game
114.Ginger Lara woody543 - Demo
115.Pink Sharks woody543 - Demo
116.THE GRINCH by zipper - Game
117.Blue Swimsuit by Laras man - Game
118.RACE by zipper - Game
119.New Jungle Heavy (White/Red/Grey) by Dare - Game
120.New Drysuit Heavy (Green/Black/White) by Dare - Game
121.Dark Yacht by woody543 - Demo
122.Sarah by Dandan22 - Demo
123.Tomb Raider Chronicles Snowsuit by dcw123 - Game
124.Blackghost Ninja Fighter by zipper - Game
125.Outfit Package by Billy959 - Game
126.Tavan Mitto & Travis Taddeo (DLC Outfits) by Axelia - Game
127.Girly Lara by Laras man - Game
128.Beautiful Lara (Face and Hair Mod) by not again! - Game
129.Blondy Girl by Laras man - Game
130.Heather Mason by dcw123 - Game
131.Tira by zipper - Game
132.DLC Wetsuits by Axelia - Game
133.DLC Drysuit Red by dcw123 - Game
134.DLC Wetsuit Blue by dcw123 - Game
135.Tomb Raider 3 Thames Whaft Catsuit by dcw123 - Game
136.Lara Lima by Tomb Raider 5194 - Demo
137.Tomb Raider Underworld Classic by Axelia - Game
138.Shiva by Axelia - Game
139.Merry Christmas! by zipper - Game
140.Tomb Raider: Legend Outfit Package by Billy959 - Game
141.Interchanged Characters by Sim2fanTR - Game
142.Princess Elika by Sir Croft - Game
143.Merry Christmas '08 by freeze10108 - Game
144.Beautiful Lara (Face and Hair Mod) V.2 by not again! - Demo
145.Merry Christmas! 2 (including Croft Manor Level Mod) by zipper - Game
146.Sharon Den Adel by Axelia - Game
147.Zoey (Left4Dead) by Sir Croft - Game
148.Vampirella by zipper - Game
149.Kasumi (DOA) by tha_mattster - Game
150.Bathing Suit Heavy & Drysuit Short by Dandan22 - Game
151.DLC Drysuit by MyRaider4Life - Game
152.DLC Drysuit by Laras man - Game
153.Sylvester by zipper - Game
154.The Joker by Mrs Bean - Game
155.Silk-Spectre by lemonade - Game
156.Leeloo by Sir Croft - Game
157.7of9 by zipper - Game
158.Mystique by zipper - Game
159.Leeloo 1.2 by Sir Croft - Game
160.Elektra by zipper - Game
161.Elektra (Jungle Heavy/Jungle Shorts) by zipper - Game
162.Jill Valentine by Sir Croft - Game
163.Dark Phoenix by zipper - Game
164.Tanned & Blonde Lara by Little_T - Game
165.Blue & White Wetsuit by Little_T - Game
166.White & Blue Drysuit by Little_T - Game
167.Pink Swimsuit by Little_T - Game
168.Jean Grey X-Men III by zipper - Game
169.Green Phoenix by zipper - Game
170.Luna by zipper - Game
171.Jungle Ouutfit by Sir Croft - Game
172.Eidos Dummy by Sir Croft - Game
173.Hel by not again! - Game
174.TX TERMINATORLARA by zipper - Game
175.Natural Beauty by DaNoNeMoKiId - Demo
176.Natural Beauty II by DaNoNeMoKiId - Demo
177.BLACK LAGOON by Seether - Game
178.Mortal Kombat by Sir Croft - Game
179.Razor by zipper - Game
180.Evil Lara by RSDXzec - Game
181.TX TERMINATORLARA 2 by zipper - Game
182.Alison Carroll by zipper - Game
183.Kill Natla by zipper - Game
184.Black & White Swimsuit by War Baby - Game
185.Lara the Lifeguard by freeze10108 - Game
186.KOS-MOS by zipper - Game
187.Joanna Perfect Dark Zero by zipper - Game
Wozu zuhören, wenn man reden kann?

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Quasimodo made the first modd!!!

Zala´s face in TRU
posted here

thank you again Quasi
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It looks wonderful !
Nice work zipper and Quasi .
Wozu zuhören, wenn man reden kann?
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Now I'm torn. PC version or 360 version with all the goodness?

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Excellent work Quasimodo! And Zipper too! .tmb: I'm now making my first TRU mod!
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Awesomeness! Very good work, Quasi and zipper!

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I couldn't resist fiddling with the textures.

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Hah, I can't even find the texture for Lara's top.

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Coo thank you, The Mods are Back in Bussiness.

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I think i go and made an mod 2 but my TRU DEMO MUST SAVE

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