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Originally Posted by Mytly View Post
By the looks of those outfits, the first two are for the Drysuit outfit (available only in Arctic Sea level), the third for Winter Heavy (Jan Mayen Island only) and fourth for the Wetsuit (Mediterranean Sea and Arctic Sea). So try those levels with these outfits, and see if they run properly.

When you load an outfit in TexMod, there should be a small description in the package mode tab stating which outfit the modded one replaces. But not all modders remember to add this message, so you have to go by the look of the outfit to figure out which one it replaces.
So, let me get this straight does this mean that you can only use modded outfits on certain levels of the game? If so that seems kind of lame.
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Originally Posted by Seether View Post
Hello there,

I installed Photoshop on my computer few days ago, and while i was learning how to work with it, i've tried to make my first mod.
I present you...

Levi/Revy from Black Lagoon

list of changes:
- dark green eyes
- violet shiny hair
- face with 'YOU' on right cheek, and glossy lips (thx to Quasimodo)
- tatoo on arms and neck (it is supposed to be only on her right arm, unfortunately i don't think it is possible, because texture is for both arms)
- black t-shirt
- brown backpack
- gloves with holes for the joints etc
- jeans shorts with back-pockets and 'opened zip'
- new belt
- new picture in outfit selection for Jungle Shorts
- plus some other minor changes

Here are some pictures of Levi for comparison:

Download links:

http://rapidshare.com/files/186801991/levi_skin_TRU.rar (for those who don't like 'YOU' on her face)

Download, try, and say your opinion.
Hope you like it!
Is there a mirror link available? rapidshare links are down.
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Dem outfits!
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