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Originally Posted by Stosh View Post
A couple of 3d imports

Doppel Lara hair by Legend Killer
shirt by tarcairion
shorts by Axelia

Hooters mod by hypertek
hair eyes and tat as above

how did you get her as an obj data i have only the 3ds data????
can you send me the obj and mtl data of her??
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Congratulation Dusan
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Originally Posted by Dusan View Post
For your information...
I spent the past two days implementing animation support in XNALara. It's done now but the problem is that animation which interpolates keyframes of the entire skeleton rather than individual bones is rather useless here. It's quite a nightmare to create any at least a bit advanced animations such as the walk cycle. For this kind of thing one would need completely individual per-bone keyframe animation together with an advanced GUI. A brand new animation "engine" as well as a sophisticated graphical interface would take simply too long to implement so it's not feasible.
It was quite an interesting experiment to see if a relatively simple tool (put together in a few days) will suffice here. And it turns out it won't.

So, I decided not to include this latest stuff to XNALara official release because nobody would (be able to) use it anyway... I'll roll back to the version before any animation features were added, fix a few things as I promised to several people and release that today or tomorrow.

Ctrl+left mouse drag or the (Shift+) arrow keys position the models on the ground plane.
Too bad

But I must congratulate you for doing all that stuff on your own !
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Congratulations for making such an awesome programm, Dusan!
And thank you everyone, for posting all these wonderful pictures!! Especially Vanity, }[eith, Rivendell, daventry, and fuzzycroft.

high resolution
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A very quick one.
Lara has a new sword!
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Tomb Raider 1

Tomb Raider Chronicles

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Originally Posted by Lufik View Post
WW This beautiful Greate works
Thank you so much!
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Congratulations Dusan!
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Dont think anyone saw my great discoveries on p1001 as everyone was saying 'Congrats Dusan!' (BTW, Congrats ). I thought maybe I'd post it again. Please, if you are a medium-to-advanced modder of XNALara outfits (not the meshes really), do read this. it really is worth the time if you do advanced texture modding

Originally Posted by carbint View Post
I've found a few great tips on how to make your modded textures much better! First off, the transparencies: the parts of a model like Lara's hair, eyelashes and certain fur are only shaped by the texture and transparencies. You may already know this, but here's something else; You can give Lara mascara by increasing the thickness of the eyelashes, and you can give her shorter ponytail by shortening the hair texture (note that when you do this, some of the parts of her head covered by hair will go black. It looks fine if you have a black hair mod though). It's kinda hard to explain, so here's an image of this at work:

Hair Shortening mod:

You see that shortening the hair texture shortens her hair too (but leaves some black)

Also, if you want really, really fine detail in a model, you can just increase the size of the texture! That way, you can add more detail! It's hard to get a decent image representing this, so I haven't. but it does work. Don't worry, the texture will fit onto the model EXACTLY as before, except when you zoom right in, your finer detail will be there! It's good for adding detail like a serial code or a barcode for a robot (this is how I found this out)

Lastly, if you want to colour a certain area of somewhere (like the side stripes of the wetsuit) but not the rest of it, DON'T change the Diffuse. Change the Lightmap. Seriously, it works! Add colour to the lightmap, and it will show up exactly that colour on the model (provided the Diffuse that goes with the lightmap is white. If not it requires some tweaking of Hue and Saturation to get desired result).! Amazing! Again this is hard to explain well and I've never been one with words, so here's a few images: (sorry that they're pics of my bikini again; That's when I found this tip out )

Wetsuit Mod with non-edited sidestripes lightmap:

Wetsuit Mod with edited sidestripes lightmap (added colour):

As you may be able to see, the sidestripe of this last image has a slight colour mismatch, but it works beautifully if you tweak the colours around. I couldn't be bothered, though
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i happen to spot your great discoverie! i wonder whats to come up next in your discoverie
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