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I love it I feel like it could use some Vertigo (like the first minute before the main theme plays) Can't wait to hear the how the final version sounds
(I'll be glad to help if you need any )
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Don't like it.
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Originally Posted by FreakRaider View Post
Hey guys!

Here's something that miiight be interesting to you I'm not so sure.
A little sneak preview of my title theme remake!


Remember, I'm not that much of a professional though
I think I like it more as a punctual score or cutscene music than main theme (like reaching a marvelous site or finding an artifact), but it's up to you the music is nice, just "too optimistic" for AoD main theme.
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The music itself kinda reminds me too much of 80's disco, so yeah, I don't really like it tbh. But more important question for me, is the video from the title menu in your game? It looks exactly like TRAOD!

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I have thought about it only being like for artifacts and such, so now someone told me I guess I will make it like that, that I keep the original music, but for some additional music when you find something or a part of a cutscene is played i use my own music
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I quite like your style but obviously it is very different from the original tracks. Yes, I find the idea of using those as background tracks for cutscenes a good one.. good luck sweetie
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I like this soundtrack, good job !
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Jorje Croft
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If I were you, I would never touch to AOD scores. its already pefect
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Man, I can't watch the ending cutscene of this game without wanting to cry. I mean, the beautiful music that plays, how she smiles and fades into the darkness feels like she's saying goodbye, since that's the end of Core Lara. I'll always love Crystal games, but there's that feeling of "what could've been" if Core had more time to finish and fix their game. AoD would be a trilogy.
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I love this whole thing! The graphical effects look amazing, everything that you have accomplished so far looks damn good.

btw if you need any additional voice acting, I have been wanting to look for something for quite a while.
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