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Gian Carlo
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I absolutely loved this! Everything is on point. You're REALLY talented. This is what we fans ever wanted...

Nico, do you plan on doing new levels and/or complementing the shallow story that the original has aswell?
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Tomb Raider
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Outstanding work! How exciting.
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Daft Raider
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Wow this is very impressive stuff! I will say though that the running animations could use some work. Everything else looks completely incredible though! I hope this gets finished!
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Tomb Raider
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Originally Posted by nicobass View Post
Definitively no, I'm sorry
(Unreal Engine 4 is free for anybody with many assets and tutorials)
Ahh, that's fine and I totally understand it. Your work is massive and fantastic. Please don't you ever abandon it!! There's too many of such projects being abandoned and yours looks like really something great.
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I really like the face you've used classic lara
Lara - O - Rama
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This looks so amazing, I hope you finish this project!
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Oh my god. Looks amazing.

So much better than anything Crystal have churned put

Keep up the good work
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Relic Hunter
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What the actual ****.
That was absolutely amazing - looks like an exact replica of TRA! Well done.

The only thing that threw me off was the running and sprinting animations - she looked kind of manly

She looks like she has more weight to her too (more so than TRA) which is nice. I hated how in Legend she felt so light and was too fast.
The water is the most impressive thing - when she surfaces, having the screen blur and water dripping off was SO cool.
The traps look deadly and awesome - do you plan to implement the classic 'deaths' - as in, she actually gets impaled on spikes.
In TRA she just died and sided on them, because Crystal had a Teen rating LOL
The inventory and Zipline was really well done too - those animations look amazing too

I won't be surprised in Crystal or S.E see this - to be honest, so they should.
It might make them thing twice about what TR fans really want!

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It looks amazing! I really like the Lara's model Can't wait to see more!
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Classic! Lara! FTW
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