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Default TR26 event

With the lack of official news, I thought it would be appropriate to share something fun! (and something CD can take note from)


(banner by Ash)

(art by Bobby Croft)

(pictured: Lara and Kurtis)

Fans from around the world are expected to attend an event being held in celebration of the video game Tomb Raider on Saturday.

TR26 is an annual fan event that takes place in Derby, where the game - famous for its heroine Lara Croft - was created.

Organiser Luke Earle said: "There's a real passion for gaming heritage."

Around 200 people are expected to attend the ticketed event.

Tomb Raider was created by a small team of people working for Derby video game developer Core Design.

The event is taking place at Quad, a city arts venue and cinema.

Mr Earle, who works as a writer and narrative designer for a games company, said: "I did one in 2016 and one last year to mark the 25th anniversary and now we are going to make it an annual event.

"Tomb Raider is so massive and there's a lot of interest in it.

"These are super-fans flying in from around the world.

"People grew up with these games. We remember playing it with our families.

"Lara Croft was a strong, female heroine which, in the 90s, was very unusual."

Mr Earle said he had currently sold 170 tickets to fans travelling from places as far afield as Chicago and Marseille.


Hi everyone! I hope those who attended TR26 had a blast! Sadly I couldn't be there but I'm very thankful to
for handing out my teaser cards for the upcoming demo of Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness - Definitive Edition. ❤️

First look at the initial proof copy of Tomb Raider: 10th Anniversary Edition DVD release:


Tomb Raider Fan And Developer Collaboration to Tie Up the Game’s Most Mysterious Loose Ends.


Photometrically relit level of #TR2 #Venice demo

Update from Tiernan Watson's project




Look under the #TR26 tag on social media for more videos, pictures and fun interactions between Lara and Kurtis with fans


If you didn't manage to attend
we got you boo. Me and
recorded all the panels. Coming soon to https://youtube.com/c/TombofAsh
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It's so cool how he got the VAs together!
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If you'd have told me in 2003 that one day I'd be in a hotel bar chatting with Jonell Elliot as she drank a g&t wearing a fabulous leopard print coat I would have laughed in your face! Amazing weekend
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All of this is so amazing, and I'm so happy that this part of the fanbase is still alive and going strong.

The devs should really take note.

Something tells me that when TR2013 turns 20 years old, this sort of thing won't happen. But when AOD turns 50, it'll still be happening.
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Originally Posted by RoomTraider View Post
If you'd have told me in 2003 that one day I'd be in a hotel bar chatting with Jonell Elliot as she drank a g&t wearing a fabulous leopard print coat I would have laughed in your face! Amazing weekend
Oh my god, that is amazing. I’d pay fat money to hang out with Jonell for just a bit.
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It looks fun
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Happy Anniversary.
Originally Posted by lance6439 View Post
That image of Lara is beautiful.
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