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Mr. Mr.
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Default Uncredited Voice Actors in the Classic TR Games

Something I've wondered for a long time.

We've known the voices of Lara for decades, but what about some of the other voices in the Core games? I'm referring to:

Tomb Raider 1: Larson, Natla, Pierre
Tomb Raider 3: Willard, Tony, John
Tomb Raider 4: Set, Jean-Yves

Anyone know any of these?
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jeffrey van oort
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Try this question in their own sub forum.
This isn't easy to find.
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some are credited in the wiki / tombraidergirl

for example : https://www.wikiraider.com/index.php/Jacqueline_Natla

edit : looks like they mainly have the voices from Anniversary and later. :|
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No one knows Jean Yves, I think.

Here's a list of TR2.
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I thought all the Murti documents from AOD had been released by now? Lots of stuff has been uploaded on The Shadow Archives, and over the years other documents have been leaked since the TLD project fell apart. I thought this document was out there for people, but maybe not? I have other stuff that I could release, but I thought it was all out in the open now.

Anyway, here is the cast list of everyone from AOD - including the unspectacular characters:

Cast List

As for Jean Yves: I think it's pretty obvious to anyone's ears that the narrating voice of the police officer who speaks during the intro FMV ("There have been 17 reported murders so far in this latest outbreak of Monstrum killings...) is the same voice actor who was Jean Yves in TR4. Not sure if Charles Kane from TR5 is the same though. I can't figure out whose voice from that cast list would match the police officer though. Olivier Deslandes perhaps?
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Tomb Raider
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tbh i'd like to know TR1 natla's voice because that bitch is sassy
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