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besides the always changing look, i like the shadows version more. he knows lara and he knows where and what buttons to press. even when lara makes wrong remarks, he knows how to handle her, isnt offended and contributes to the story.
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He was a better character in the 2013 game because he was kept to a minimum, a background character. When he calls Lara "little bird" in Shadow, it just feels so out of place and cringey because his character has changed so much since 2013 and the dynamic between them. They turned him into Lara's sidekick, he is about as useful as tits on a nun too so she basically has to carry this big lump of human uselessness around with her, in order for her to have someone to talk to and relate to show that she has a human side, to balance out her sociopathic serial killer side.

I found it hilariously racist that they tried him out as a black character in Rise, and then decided it didn't work and changed him back in Shadow, and then had the audacity to post that little message at the start of Shadow about ethnicity etc.

Baffled as to why out of the remaining survivors, he was the one chosen to come along for the sequels.
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Originally Posted by killchan View Post
nah, it's 3 different characters.

2013: stereotypical badass big BOI
2015: overly-emotional Nice Guy™
2018: lower libido Victor Sullivan
Lol at lower libido VS.

I think 2013 he was stereotypical gentle giant though rather than badass. It's been ages since I've played 2013 and Rise so I do forget many things, but he's seemed very gentle nice guy in all of them to me apart from occasionally in Rise and Shadow where he would suddenly shout at Lara in ways and at times that felt odd to me.
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