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For what it was I loved Chronicles.

Out of all the classic games, it did play the smoothest. As I've said on a couple threads recently, I hate this selective argument of certain game franchises being "stale", but not others. If you put Chronicles next to TR1, there is a very noticeable progression in how they play and control, it's not like the series literally stood still for 5 games in a row and didn't improve a thing. Yet there are some game series that have literally the released the exact same game over and over again and, typically because it's a sports game, it gets a pass.

As far as Chronicles' story (or stories) goes, I actually don't mind the disconnected series of short stories in the slightest. That is literally, on a smaller scale, what the first three games were; three seperate matinée-like adventures with no real meaningful order or connection between them. Chronicles really continued that set-up.

I didn't even mind that the levels were shorter and less complex. If you think of Chronicles' episodes as more literally stories being told by friends who knew her, perhaps with exaggerations or gaps missing in details, the shorter levels make sense. So does the more heavily exaggerated acting in the game.
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TR3 > TR5 > everything else
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^ This so much
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The Ireland levels were ok. I like weaponless Lara trying to survive the island (That's almost the reboot! I just realized after I typed this). I kind of felt sorry for the sea hag in the end though.
Other than that I thought this was the worst TR game, along with AoD. It's really buggy and despite it's length and the fact that it's not that difficult, I always feel compelled to quit the game. Also doesn't Von Croy say "We've found her!" after he finds the backpack? Uhh... you didn't find her.
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Unfunny that about two days my PC broke, so now I didn't get into TR since that day 😢

Originally Posted by VictorXD View Post
They changed the way the engine handles animations in TRC, so she is a LOT less shaky.
Great, now I can assure that is by far the best Lara in terms of control.

Originally Posted by zackboy View Post
There's also the ponytail, that is larger, which I found awesome (it's getting larger with every new game?)

Originally Posted by Yeauxleaux View Post
As far as Chronicles' story (or stories) goes, I actually don't mind the disconnected series of short stories in the slightest. That is literally, on a smaller scale, what the first three games were; three seperate matinée-like adventures with no real meaningful order or connection between them.
In fact TRI shows a very interesting logic, because there're some theories about the three civilizations that are presented in that game, being connected to the Atlantic race.
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I loved Rome & Russia, Ireland was brilliant and the VCI section was really good something totally different than what we had seen before
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But we'd seen it all before and, although welcome, the few new moves like the beam balancing and door kicking didn't make it a better game.

The weaponless young Lara/Irish section was nothing new either - she's been without guns and faced unbeatable enemies you have to run away from/avoid before in TR3 & 4 and its effectively repeated twice more later in TR5 itself.

The stealth, which I'd always wanted since Area 51 in TR3 as an option, was half-hearted, crude and situation specific. That part in Red Alert where she goes down the elevator and there's guy in the corridor just asking to be taken out with the chloroform you still have in the inventory but no. You're not allowed to do that because he's got to be able to shoot the glass pane.

But having kept him alive/conscious for that reason he then has to let her go rather than follow her into the atrium area where, otherwise, he would, of course, quickly kill her. Again crude, ill-thought out gameplay.

But my main gripe about TR5 is its length. I genuinely completed it with all secrets bar one, because I let the scientist live, in under 8hrs. With all the others I'd taken 18-24hrs first time through and TR3 was more like 30hrs. TR5 is rip-off short.

Is it bad? No, it is well worth playing and entertaining but often feels tired and that the development team ran out of good ideas. Not to recognise its faults and even claim it is the best game of the series, I just can not take a review like that seriously.
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The variety of levels. The same reason I liked TR3 for.

But the texturing is pretty bad in many places, that's a big drawback in TRC for me...
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I agree with Yeauxleaux. Anyway my favorite levels are: Trajan's markets is one, and the 3 russian levels (besides the underwater one with those yellow costume) are my favourite by far. Submarine, sinking or not, forever. <3
I also like young Lara but I'm bored (today) of that creepy english atmosphere. But when I was a child I liked it a lot too (those creature that follows you in that labyrinth is super scary omg). VCI is what I liked less, in the past and today. Even if I liked the implementation of new stuffs, like the chloroformium and the helicopter that follows you.
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I think the reason Chronicles feels so easy is because it only came out after the long and incredibly challenging TR4 , it felt like a big step backwards . but if you judge it on its own merits , it's almost as challenging as TR2 and it's definitely more challenging than the original Tomb Raider .

Dunno , thought about trying to be fair towards this game for once
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