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Default How can I move a moveable to its original position?

I have set up a door+pulley mechanism where you pull the switch then it moves the door up.

Then to revert the door back to its original position I have a series of trigger groups which are activated by a rolling ball, as to make the door timed.

However once the rolling ball is triggered, if I untrigger it and repeat the pull switch move, the door closes automatically, because the rolling ball is at the lowest position. Also breaking the purpose of the puzzle. Because it only activates if I pull at max (in this case six times).

Is there any trigger in NGLE that makes the moveable return to its original position or, move to the position of another moveable? (for example move the rolling ball to a camera target would be neat) If not I need to manually set the position using action ng move?

Thanks in advance

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You could probably use an ActionNG trigger for that. There are options to move things X units or clicks. Check out the list in the trigger menu.
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