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Default PSA for ultimate cheat disc.

Not sure if this is just a freak accident with another game as I've just noticed it today.

I tried to open the save menu with the "Bypass ammo check" cheat on (which makes the ammo counter displau a bunch of letters) and the game opened the save menu for a second before an error.

Couldn't get it to load the save menu again and checking the Memory card in the PS2 internal Browser showed a "Corrupted Data" block that I could not delete.

I DID play a game with an (unknown to me at the time) save-corruption issue with Mercenaries playgrounds of destruction but since AOD was able to read the memory card (Didn't bring up a menu about not having a memory card to save) until I opened the save menu, it might have been the cheat disc.

EDIT: The date on the corrupted Data lines up roughly with when I last played mercs though since the game still acted like it could read the memory card til' I opened the save/load screen I would still against using the save/load screen though the "alwayusx use gun" cheats are safe.
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