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Yeah it's basically more of a puzzle game than a stealth game, where you insta die if you screw up, save 3 stages I think. This studio knew too well that tailoring the experience makes for an easier game to make than giving players freedom of approach.

While I agree that too much freedom and too much power can make stealth stages feel inconsequential (see Rise of the Dad of the Not Too Soon To Be Tomb Raider), this game took it to the extreme opposite consequences, but ehi at least it doesn't pretent to be something that it isn't, doesn't waste your time with bs phoney content and the progression system is tolerable.

I believe I played it like 8 times. You just push play, go, throw stuff, stare at the view... it almost plays itself but is still nice.

There's a sequel in the works, which is funny because they stated like multiple times that this game was just a one-off kind of deal, and back then I was like "wha-? dude it's 1M copies, why would you just drop it like that...?" until I saw their wiki and it turns out these guys are currently working on Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 like damn
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