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I like the way Ceamonks890 explains how to use Kurtis' abilities, I was even looking for the keys to practice I'll see if I can do a copy of this diary in PDF and print it to read it: The details you guys put on it are amazing
Information is survival. I survive.

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@Winston, thanks But I couldn't have done it all myself without KIKO(who we all have to thank for starting all this) and you guys for supporting both of us with the entries
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We begin the level with a camerashot of the area, showing some of the many challenges that await you ahead. Once you regain control of Kurtis, he’ll tell you that we need to get to sub level 6, so we can use the generator and restore the power to the entire facility. Head straight forward, opening another door. Passing by another green door while traversing through the corridors, will lead you to a room with another keypad. Unfortunately, we don’t have the code, so leave this room and continue till you approach a holding cell. Kurtis will tell you that he can farsee what he needs here.

Activate the mind’s eye ability through your inventory, and move it around to a holding cell with a dead inmate. Look at the five numbers on his prison clothes(17068). This is the code you need for the keypad. Once you’re done laying out the area with the mind’s eye, move back to Kurtis’s body and you’re have another farsee code in your inventory. Head back to the keypad and type in the code to unlock the holding cells.

Go back to those just unlocked cells. The one on the right is the cell of the dead inmate, but there is nothing to find in there, besides Kurtis joking about the layout of the room, ‘Nice dcor. Looks like happy hour.’ So head to the cell on the left, and open the door to find a dead Strahov guard. Pick up his Sanatorium low level pass card and an ammo clip for your Boran X. There is also a chocolate bar on the desk, to save for later, if Kurtis gets hungry.

Watch out though, as inmates have found Kurtis and instead of tentacles, they have claws as sharp as daggers, and won’t stop in bringing you down. Take down the various inmates, then use the low level passcard, so the doors will move up, allowing you to continue. Head to the right towards an open containment cell of a former inmate, and pick up some more ammo from the bag on the bed. Head down the corridor and open the double doors to the next area.

You’ll be greeted with two Strahov guards on the other side(who luckily hasn’t spotted you yet). Kurtis will say to the player, ’I hate it when they do that. Three strikes and OUT!’ Go into stealth mode and if you’re close enough, you can hear the guards talking to fellow comrades through the radio.

‘You guys better get out of there. We just spotted the Proto.’

These guards don’t need to get told this twice, and try to close the door, but are currently unsuccessful.

Strahov Guard 1: Slam the lever!
Strahov Guard 2: *attempts to use it, but can‘t due to the power not being on* It won’t close! It’s jammed!
Strahov Guard 1: *communicates to guards held up in the Proto containment cell* For god’s sake! Get the power on!
Strahov Guard 3: *communicating from Proto containment cell* It’s not working!
Strahov Guard 1: Do something- quick!
While the guards are busy panicking, sneak past them. If you so happen to run past them, the guards will simply ignore you and say:
Strahov Guard 1: He sure doesn’t look like one of the inmates.
Strahov Guard 2: Another escaped lunatic. Leave him. The Proto’ll get him, when it’s trapped in here.
Open the double doors to the morgue/laboratory, revealing quite a disturbing sight. There are people sleeping inside some tanks, possibly as test subjects for mysterious experiments. This triggers a cutscene. Kurtis says in shock, ‘Oh no. These guys have been real busy. What have they been breeding in here? How far did they get with this stuff?’ Suddenly, the camera changes position, showing the Proto- Nephilim moving out of a nearby vent, smelling the presence of nearby guards. It then moves quickly, killing the two guards that were in your way before. Kurtis rushes out of the morgue, seeing that the Proto has done his work for him, ‘Ooh, that’s gotta hurt. Sorry to cut you off.’

Returning to gameplay, head to the proto’s containment cell, crawling under the door and running down the staircase. You’ll notice an elevator. This will be useful for later. But for now, head right and open the door. You’ll now in the proto’s former containment cell, but watch out. There are guards in there, using it as a base of operations. Use your mind’s eye ability to scan out the room, overhearing some conversations going on between the guards on the other side.

Strahov Guard 3: That’s right. The security system is shut down.
Strahov Guard 4: Why is it shut down? We’ve got lights and communications, but nothing else.
Strahov Guard 3: I have no idea why! That’s not my job!
Strahov Guard 5: All we got left is the auxiliary power. Just the bare essentials working.
Strahov Guard 6: *seems to remind Strahov Guard 5* I don’t care where the generator is. I’m not going to level 6.
Strahov Guard 5: Don’t tell me not to panic!
Strahov Guard 6: *laughs* Yeah, I’m real glad this post is essential, huh?
After listening, move the mind’s eye back to Kurtis’s body and get ready to take down the guards you are about to face, taking them down in any order you prefer. Before going in, Kurtis will mumble in frustration, ’Send me back to the Legion.’ Alerting any enemies will make them say, ‘Get me some help down here.’ Taking down two of the guards, the living enemies will say, They’re like sitting ducks down there.’

Kurtis will say the following wisecracks during the fights with these guards:
‘Alright. Let’s see what you’ve got, chimp boy.’
‘OK, deal the cards. Death takes all’.
‘Time to die, Monkey!’
‘C’mon Bobo, don’t be shy.’
‘End of the line. Let’s dance!’
Disposing of the guards, Kurtis will finish the fight saying, ’I musta been real bad to deserve all this. I get all the dirty jobs. I gotta ask for a rise.’ Through one of the guard radios, you can hear the guards downstairs communicating and wondering what’s going on in the Proto’s cell. ’Hey, what’s going on? You okay?’ With no response, they exit their hiding place from the Proto in the hopes of getting out of the Sanatorium alive. Listening to that, go off to the Proto’s former containment cell. But be careful not to fall down into the near-bottomless pit below. Kurtis will begin talking to himself, ‘So this is where they kept the Proto, till they lost power. Clever girl Lara, you’ve let the Genie out.’

Once you’re done with this place, climb up to the top of the Proto’s cell and jump to the platform ahead of you. Continue on until you reach a vent. Climb into it and venture through it until you reach the other side. Flip out of the vent and climb up a rusty ladder, into the room above. There won’t be any guards in this room, unlike the final version(as they are attempting to search for a way out of the Sanatorium, but aren’t having much luck.) Pick up the chocolate bar and a sanatorium medium security passcard on the floor, then press the button on the wall to open the door.

Kurtis will say to the player, ‘I could use these two as bait. If I time this just right…I can get through.’ Walking out, you’ll see the guards have spotted you. Run for your life, while the Proto comes out of a vent for more food, attacking the guards, giving you ample time to run past them and use the medium security pass card on the scanners in order to get down into the main generator room. These guards will say these lines:
‘Spotted him’
‘Watch him’
*A cutscene triggers, showing Kurtis continue to run down the steps, hearing the Proto’s familiar growl, making us aware it’s done with eating Strahov guards and wants to have Kurtis as the main course, saving the best for last. Kurtis runs into the generator room and uses his telekinesis to forcibly bring the door down, locking the Proto out. It bangs the door, before retreating into a nearby vent, so it will gain access into the same room you’re currently in.*

Kurtis: Another goddamn demon to kill.
*Proto leaps out of vent, ready to tear Kurtis limb from limb.*
Kurtis: Ok ugly, just you and me.

Finally, we can fight the Proto-Nephilim. The strategy here is simple: use your Boran X and keep shooting at the Proto, until it growls and collapses to the ground, temporarily stunned. Don’t think that this is over yet, as it will quickly get back up and retreat to the vents to recover, hoping to get a stronger position. Keep repeating the same strategy several more times until the Proto-Nephilim finally collapses from complete exhaustion.

Another cutscene will trigger, showing Kurtis getting his periapt shard out and stabbing the Proto in the head, effectively killing it for good. Kurtis then retrieves his periapt shard from the Proto’s body.

After the cutscene, Kurtis will say,That’s my demon quota for today. Right, let’s power up. Time to get the power on again.’ Well, what are you waiting for? Pull the switch already, so we can restore the power. Once that’s done, pick up the large medipack and another ammo clip. Having done all we can here, it’s time we headed back to Lara. But before that, take a detour and press another button to open a locked door for another ammo clip.

Once that’s done, head back to the proto’s former containment cell and use the elevator we saw earlier to go up to the next floor(now that the power’s back on.) You’ll be automatically taken up to the next floor. Be careful, as there are many Strahov guards walking around. Go into stealth mode for now, either taking down or avoiding the guards.

You’ll see one of the Strahov guards communicating with his comrades below:
Strahov Guard 7: We’ve closed off the east exit. We’re heading back towards you.
*Guards below suddenly spies Kurtis in one of the rooms above*
Strahov Guard 8: There’s someone in there with you guys.
Now that the guards above are aware of your presense, you’ll need to be really careful, as these guards will kill Kurtis on sight. In response to this predicament, Kurtis says, ’I hate this job. All the hassles and none of the perks.’

Take down all the guards, using whatever tactics you prefer. Kurtis will say to the first guard he encounters(if he’s been spotted), ‘No more running- it’s showtime!‘ Upon defeating the guards, head towards a computer console and use it to bring down a cable(Kurtis’s alternative to ziplines) that he can use to swing down to the ground floor. Use it and Kurtis will say, ’Yeah, livin’ on the edge.’ Take down the guards that warned their allies about your presense and pick up a sanatorium high security passcard to use on the scanner, so he’ll be back in the starting area of the previous level and Kurtis can thus return to Lara. Kurtis will say, ‘Ha, last word to me!’

*A cutscene will trigger, showing Kurtis opening the door back into the area where Lara has been held, his Boran X out ready if there is any trouble. Lara is hanging on the top of the room(who knows how long she’s been there), and jumps down, effectively disarming Kurtis and pulling out one of her Vector-R35 dual pistols in response. Kurtis gets ready for the killing shot, but Lara shoots a nearby inmate that came from the Sanatorium.
Kurtis: Thanks.
Lara: Glad you came back to save me, stranger.
Kurtis: Name’s Kurtis.
Lara: Lara.*grabs Kurtis and forces him against a wall* And this is business.
Kurtis: I owe you one.
Lara: You owe me a painting.
Kurtis: Sorry. That went AWOL at the Louvre.
Lara: What brings you here from Paris?*throws Kurtis’s Chirugai on the floor*
Kurtis: Eckhardt! We have business, that only one of us will walk away from. You?
Lara: *points a Vector at him* Personal reasons.
Kurtis: Eckhardt plans to use all five Obscura Paintings to revive an ancient evil called the Sleeper, and rebreed the Nephilim race. To do that, he collects alchemically transmuted elements from his murder victim’s bodies.
Lara: I’ve seen him at work as the Monstrum, with that glove.
Kurtis: *summons his Chirugai to spin around in circles behind Lara* Eckhardt is the original Black Alchemist and now he’s very close to finding the last painting.
Lara: Does he know where it is?
Kurtis: Yes. It’s hidden in a Lux Veritatis Vault beneath the Strahov. That painting must be destroyed, but to do that, I need the shard you picked up from the Louvre.
Lara: There should be three Periapt Shards.
Kurtis: Eckhardt has the last one. If all three shards are united, they can destroy him permanently. So he keeps it safe.
Lara: *Gets the periapt shard from Germany out* No need to worry. I have it right here.*tosses it to Kurtis* Now, tell me about the shards.
Kurtis: They’re ancient weapons of the Lux Veritatis. Two of them were entrusted to my father. Eckhardt murdered him to stop them passing into my hands. He failed.
Lara: So Eckhardt went after your father, and you want revenge?
Kurtis: Justice!
Lara: We should work together. *puts her Vector away*
Kurtis: You’re trusting me?
Lara: Here. *gives the Louvre periapt shard to Kurtis* How can they be used to kill Eckhardt?
Kurtis: He must be stabbed with all three shards.
Lara: We can divide the forces against us, if we split up. You need to kill Eckhardt, so you should go after him. I’ll find the last painting and destroy it.
Kurtis: OK. *Lara pulls out the 5th Obscura Engraving from her backpack* Eckhardt usually lays low in the lower regions of the Bio-Research Facility. I can find my way there.
Lara: The engraving shows the painting, hidden in something called the Vault of Trophies. *Points to location on engraving* Here. The entrance is underwater. *turns Kurtis towards her* No problem.
*Lara and Kurtis leave to go and do their specific objectives. We cut to a security camera room, showing Eckhardt and Karel, who have been watching everything Lara and Kurtis said in this cutscene.*
Karel: How did she get the engraving, the shard and the map?
Eckhardt: It doesn’t matter. We have wasted too many men, trying to open that damn vault. Perhaps her special talents will help us get what we need. The male will be coming this way soon. Make the preparations.
Karel: There’s no danger she can destroy the last painting?
Eckhardt: We won’t allow her the opportunity. The fifth Obscura Painting is mine already. And then…*evil laughs*

-Different level layout
-Possible whole section of level removed
-Missing lines/wisecracks from Kurtis
-Missing animations for Kurtis
-Missing lines from the Strahov guards
-Missing events in level
-Possibly different dialogue in final cutscene of level
-Missing high security passcard item

NOTE: I changed the last cutscene's dialogue a little to bring the events of Germany into account. Seriously, why would Kurtis go search for the third Periapt Shard, when he already has it?

Next- Lara's Sanatorium level/Aquatic Research Area

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I have some ripped(?) lines of Lara and Kurtis. But there are german. I think in Cafe Metro you could have talked to Kurtis and then this dialogue came up ( Im not very good at english but I try my best to translate it ):
Lara: Im looking for a Luis Bouchard.
Kurtis: Im not from here.
Lara: Then Im sorry for the disturbance ( Google translater told me disturbance and I think its not the right word )

Yeah, that was the little dialogue... I just wanted to post that.
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Freakraider, we kinda already have that in one of the Parisian Ghetto entries.

The English dialogue of those lines you mentioned:
Lara: Excuse me.*Kurtis ignores her* And excuse you too. Do you know a Louie Bouchard?
Kurtis: I'm a stranger around here.
Lara: Don't let me distract you from your paper.

Thanks for sharing that with us anyway

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Good post!
Waiting for the next one!
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You've done an excellent job writing all this. I was not so sure how you were going to write about the backtracking but you did it really well

I'm excited about the next entry, Lara in the asylum... well there are a few screenshots you can use. There's a way to replace Kurtis with Lara on the game, by messing around with the .chr files. I've done it once but Lara ended up full of equipment and somehow every time I install the game, Kurtis is gone forever from my game
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We begin this level playing as Lara again, after Kurtis’s adventures through this place. The main objective here is to reach the Aquatic Research Area. But be careful, as there are still many inmates running around here, hungry for blood, and won’t hold back when it comes to killing our heroine. Fight your way through to the end of the level, letting nothing stand in your way.


We are now in the aquatic research sector of the Strahov, needing to find a way to access the Vault of Trophies. Press the button to open the door and enter the next room. Be cautious, as there are active gun turrets that will shoot Lara on sight. Instead of using the ladder, go through the hole close by, and commando crawl, so as to not end up with poor Lara getting shot to death.

Commando crawl into the crawlspace, stand up and use the valve on the wall to generate some blue mist into the room, in order to block the sensors on the turrets from detecting Lara. Go back through the crawlspace and Lara can now stand, without any risk of danger. Climb the pipes, then traverse along a ledge until you reach the other side and land on the floor below you.

Continue on, until you see a button on the wall. Press it, as it is a security camera that will show you the danger awaiting you on the other side. In this case, it’s more gun turrets that will shoot Lara within seconds of sighting her. To get past this, pull out any of your weapons in your arsenal(doesn’t matter which you choose.) Shoot at the explosive containers enough times, and they will explode, destroying the infamous gun turrets in your way. Go to the next door and press the button to open it, doing your best to avoid the deadly steam coming out of a pipe. Once inside, climb the ladder and traverse through the corridors until you arrive in the main area.

The door ahead will open automatically for you. Go in, and you’re now in the main area of the level(which we will be backtracking to, quite a bit.) You’re be briefed with a camerashot showing that the power seems to be off on the computers for two sections of the Aquatic Research Area. To resolve this, head left until you reach a pool blocked off by a barrier. Dive into the water there, and you’ll see a smashed open window, allowing you easy access to an underwater switch necessary to restore power to half of the facility. Be careful, as there is a mutant fish done in the main pool, which will make short work of Lara, if you’re not quick enough to get away from it.

Use the underwater switch, then swim into the next room through the open elevator’s hatch until you rise to the surface for some much-needed air. Climb out, and head right to pick up a small medipack. Then go ahead and press the buttons to open the doors and go back to the main area. The right side of the main area is now available, allowing you to go in there and activate the second switch needed to completely restore the power to this area. Press the buttons to open the doors to wind up in a room very similar to the one you just left. To the right is a security camera, which doesn’t provide anything useful to you, beyond the shot of a corridor downstairs. So go left and use a switch to call the elevator up. Now, go into the elevator, press the button and you’re now on the ground floor.

Go through and pull the lever to activate the second half of the power system. Go back the way you came, until you’re back in the main area. Some camerashots will now show you many new opportunities available for you to do. Alright, first things first, head left and run up the staircases to arrive on top of the room.

Pull a heavy crate back until it won’t go any further. Now, press the button next to you, in order to move the heavy crate more quickly. Next, push it forwards until it’s under the machine. Pull the lever and fresh pieces of meat will fall into the crate. Finally, pull the crate back(now full with fresh meat for our mutant fish ‘friend‘), until it won’t go any further. Lara will inform you that she feels stronger now. Press the button next to you to move the crate back to where it was before and push it back onto the crane, ready to be dropped into the water.

Go back to the door where you pulled the underwater switch, run up the staircase and climb a ladder into the room above. You have two security cameras available to view: one for randomly showing the huge pool below, the mutant fish swimming around doing its thing, the other showing the room you need to be in.

Head outside and climb the pipes/ledges until you reach the end. Press the button to make the side lift come to you. Get on it, and you’re be on the other side. Go through the big door and head right to use the switch that will activate the crane with the heavy crate full of fresh meat, going into the water below. The smell of meat will keep the mutant fish distracted for the rest of the level, so you don’t need to worry about Lara getting chased by it anymore.

If you want, take a detour and press the buttons to open the doors to a little laboratory. Kill the hazmat suit guard, then head towards the computer at the end of the room. There appears to be another mutant fish in here, but it seems to be in stasis. It says that the mutant fish is of a species called ‘Razerjaw.’ It is extremely deadly and hostile. Simple description, but at least our mutant fish friend has a name

Go search the cupboards to the sides of the entrance for ammo clips for both your Vector-R35 dual pistols and Mag Vega gun, respectively. Now, head back to the main area and dive into the main pool. Swim to an underwater switch with the number ‘1’ above it, and use it. This will open the 1st door leading to the Vault of Trophies, as well as the door leading to the room with the diving suits and scuba gear we saw earlier through security camera. Swim to that room, and a cutscene will trigger.

*Lara swims to the surface, climbing out of the water. She gets changed into the diving suit, putting her dry clothes and sunglasses in her backpack. Having all she needs now, she presses the button to bring the water into the room.*

There is a harpoon gun on the floor of the room. Pick it up, if you want. Now, the harpoon gun in AoD functions very similar to the ones in TR2 and TR3, but with a slight difference. Much like the shotgun and crossbow in TR4, the harpoon gun has different ammo types. In this case, it has both regular and explosive harpoons. Lara says, ‘A harpoon gun will always come in handy.’

Pull the underwater switch with the number ‘2’, to open the second/final door to the Vault of Trophies. Once you’re done testing out your new harpoon gun on the Razerjaw/mutant fish, swim down into the Vault of Trophies, ready for possibly your biggest challenge yet.

-Whole level removed
-Missing harpoon gun
-Missing description of the mutant fish

Next- Vault of Trophies

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Wow, already? This is fantastic. Two more entries and then you're done with Prague. I really like the puzzle in this level, having to distract a mutant with food in order to get acess to the vault, it's kind of old skool tomb raiding
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So does anybody have any idea on how the level design for Vault of Trophies was originally? As I suspect Vault of Trophies would be a bit longer, than what we got. Remember Bouchard mentioning in Monstrum Crimescene that the Vault would contain other things, apart from the Painting(weapons, dangerous secrets etc)? And yet, there was barely anything in there, of any relevance. What do you guys think?
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