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Default "The new guy"

Greetings raiders from all over the world,

Although I sometimes come here to lurk, I haven't posted or introduced myself yet. So here it goes!

I'm Jeff, 34 years old in a few weeks. I'm from the Netherlands where I live with my partner and 4 cats.
For my career I'm a game developer.

My first introduction to Tomb Raider was TR3 on the PS1 in 1998. I saw it at my friend's place and was instantly hooked.
Although I was probably a bit too young for a hard game like that, there was something magical about it which I'm sure all of you understand And even though I didn't finish the games until I got older, it never stopped me from trying. The fact that you're just dropped in to go "figure it out" without too much guidance is part of what made it so interesting to me.

All of the TR era's have a place for me and I like that the survivor trilogy put TR back on the map. However, classic TR is where my heart is.

Enough about that though. Not trying to bore y'all with my personal tastes. I came here mostly out of an interest for all of you!
I want to know everyone's take on the franchise and where it's headed. So I'm very much looking forward to some friendly discussion here and insights most of all.
First I have a lot of reading to do.. This forum has been around for a long time and I'm sure a lot has been said already.
Looking forward to a great time !

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tlr online
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Welcome to the forum.
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Hi and welcome

Have to agree the classic TR games are the best. You can visit the whole game map on these games. You can cheat using Tomb raider tools to reach places which are difficult to get to, by using 'position editor' Makes it fun to explore

I just keep returning to TR1 to TR5, whereas not so much for the survivor series.
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