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I still hate that secret door. You just can't see or hear it opening unless you're looking for it and even then its not easy to see. Then you have the problem with actually knowing what triggers it.

The similar timed door in the Colosseum is a far fairer but still tricky secret.

Whilst we're at it also annoying is that earlier pedantic slide/jump in St Francis Folly secret. You cannot go back to it once missed, in the PS version, without having to restart the level.
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I love that people are still getting stuck in such an old game. Makes me even happier that the OP asked here for advice, such a nice way to go through a game, rather then going on GameFaqs and having it spoiled.

Reminds me back in the 90's we had a service in the UK named Teletext which was a text page info service accessed on your TV. Think of it like the internet before the internet existed. On there, we had a great page named Digitiser which was a silly, irreverent gaming page and on there, they had a letters page.

Each day they would publish a Q&A where a writer would write in through a letter, saying they got stuck in Half-Life and needed to know where to go after x boss. Soon after getting Tomb Raider 2, someone wrote in asking if there's any cheats and Digitiser said there's an all guns / all ammo cheat and here it is.

It was wonderful having to play games back then as if you got stuck, you really had to persevere and work out a solution or for cheats, you would wait till a school mate found some in a magazine or in this case with TRII, I went into school the next day and told my mates, with the one's who had the game, writing down the codes on paper and not being able to wait to get back home and put them in for unlimited Uzi goodness!
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Originally Posted by FractalChaos View Post
Thanks Let's hope the next thing I get stuck on isn't as obvious as this. Can't believe I could couldn't find the way up.
Welcome to the forum Fractal Chaos and don't worry with the classic Tomb Raider games it happens a lot!
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