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Originally Posted by tomee View Post
The world is more detailed and intricate so I assume it takes longer to maintain that quality. Additionally, the stupid travelling aspect ensured that they can't just reuse assets like they did previously. In LiS 1 we visited the school and Chloe's house and other locations numerous times, which they had to design only once.

Honestly I wouldn't even mind the longer wait if they had just talked to us at least. Give us a short clip, give us screenshots, give us footage of devs working. Just something, anything to chew on and keep us occupied. I honestly have such a hard time understanding why devs always go full silent for several months when a game is being developed, despite social media being free and at their disposal. It's so easy to keep fans engaged and they just... don't.
Looks like they did just post a developer update: http://lifeisstrange-blog.tumblr.com...7m_vNKP_W4G7-4

It's not terribly in-depth but better than nothing, I suppose.
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