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1. Classic - Always gonna be my favorite, how can you go wrong? Absolutely legendary.

2. Antarctica - Absolutely iconic. It's the coolest snow getup you could imagine. The orange jacket is the perfect touch.

3. TR5 Catsuit (FMV Version) - It's sleek as hell. Perfect for any city TR level involving infiltration.

4. AoD shorts - It's similar to the classic outfit but still different and gothy enough to switch things up a bit to fit AoD's mood.

5. Cradle of Life Silver Wetsuit - Maybe her most underrated outfit? It's her sleekest water exploration outfit ever, with no sexualization required. She looks completely badass in it.

6. Standard Outfit (Shadow) - Probably the most practical main outfit she's ever worn. For the job she's doing, it's perfect. I love how detailed everything is.

7. Valiant Explorer (Rise) - A nice nod to adventurers past, the brown leather jacket looks perfect on her.

8. Adventurer (Shadow) - Another standard practical outfit that compliments Lara's job well.

9. Leather Jacket (2018/2001 films) - Really shows off Lara's badassery in day-to-day life. Don't try her.

10. Kazakhstan/Nepal (Jacket/No Jacket) - Both of these are perfect for what the weather calls for. All the tones of the outfit(s) blend really well together.

Honorable mentions:
South Pacific
Rise Syria Tank
Rise Red Siberian Jacket
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1. Classic
2. Legend
3. Catsuit
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TR - Classic
TR2 - Sola Wetsuit/Robe
TR3 - South Pacific/Catsuit/Antarctica
TRAOD - Camo Pants

TRL - Legend/Evening/Biker/Red Jacket/Catsuit/Suit/Sport/Swimsuit
TRA - Camo/Wetsuit
TRU - Jungle Pants/Jungle Heavy/Snow/Snow Light/BTA Explorer/Classic/Legend/PVC Bodysuit/White Snowsuit

TR2013 - Mountaineer
Rise - Desert/Henley/Valiant/Whiteout/Antarctic
Shadow - Default/Explorer/Tactical Adventurer
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My absolute favourite is the Nevada outfit, but I don't really have a top list of outfits.
Instead, here are my favourite outfit of each game:

TR1: Classic
TR2: Classic (best version of classic outfit)
TR3: Nevada
TLR: Teen Lara (awful renders and personality and possibly pigtails aside, I think the outfit actually looks quite neat)
TRC: Teen Lara (same thing as above, and I have to say I don't really care for the catsuit)
AOD: the pants version of the main outfit
TRL: winter, no jacket
TRA: Classic
TRU: Jungle Pants
TR2013: Main outfit
RotTR: Blue Henley
SotTR: Butt ladder

Just kidding, for SotTR, if DLC isn't considered it's the Adventurer outfit, if DLC is considered, it is the Tactical Adventurer Classic.
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TR1 - Classic
TR2 - Classic
TR3 - Nevada Outfit
TR4 - Classic (my favourite version)
TR5 - Classic (see above)
TR6 - Camo pants
TR:L - Main Outifit
TR:A - Main Outfit
TR:U - Main outfit with pants or the leather jacket

TR2013 - Aviatrix Outfit
Rise - Remnant Jacket
Shadow - Explorer Outfit
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Aline Shenon
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1. Catsuit - TR III
2. Area 51 - TR III
3. Bomber Jacket - TR II
4. Classic - TR I-III
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Originally Posted by JsotoTRSaga View Post
AOD Shorts
Same for me, second would be AOD with pants and third would be AOD denim outfit.
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Nigel Cassidy
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Legend (all variants but mostly Union Jack)
Legend biker
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I really like that Indiana Jones brown shades situation going on with the Legend outfit pieces. I think it's as iconic as the classic turquoise top. Also that drag queen contour is on fleek. Jeffree is quaking in hell.

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Originally Posted by Portugalraider View Post
My absolute favourite is the Nevada outfit, but I don't really have a top list of outfits.
Instead, here are my favourite outfit of each game:
I like your idea. I guess I'll do that list too.

TR1: Croft Manor Sport
TRII: Bomber Jacket
TRIII: Area 51
Last Revelation: Classic
Chronicles: Catsuit
Angel of Darkness: Camo Pants
Legend: Biker
Anniversary: Camouflage
Underworld: Jungle Heavy
Reboot: The Orange Archer one was really cool
Rise: The leather jacket one
Shadow: The one that's a mix between classic and reboot

Originally Posted by ryan91 View Post

Also that drag queen contour is on fleek. Jeffree is quaking in hell.
THANK YOU! I loved how ridiculously heavy her makeup was in Legend!! Really miss it too xD
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