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Originally Posted by Greenapple968 View Post

Due to this being a 13+ Forum, there is a lot of stuff that I've held back on; I don't think it would be appropriate to give the full blown extent of everything, as the nature of what I would talk about would surely defy the rules of the Forum. In fact, there was just one person who used to be on this Forum who knew me for a while and knew a fair bit about my suffering, and I suspect that this individual probably would have sussed out the full truths behind the bits that I've held back on, had they still been part of this Forum.

There isn't much else I can add to this Thread, other than by repeating myself in saying that my experiences with the world, combined with my conditions and what goes on in my head is to blame for why I am in Hospital and why I suffer so deeply. If we wind the years back, then I'm sure a lot of you can remember me at the best of times, back when I was full of joy, energy, passion, ambition, motivation and everything like that. But at times like this, I completely lack any of that. I truly do not know if I will ever get better and leave Hospital and become an active part of your lives again. Or if I'm simply stuck in a position when pain and suffering is permanent and inevitable, and in which case, I can't see myself ever returning to TRF, YouTube or the real world itself. I'm sorry for my absence. I'm sorry for being such a let down and failure in managing myself and my emotions. But I will still wish you people well.
There's no need to feel like a let-down, you're almost certainly not as much at fault as you think you are.

Things can and WILL get better, don't think you're stuck in a position of pain and suffering.
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Greatest TR
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Glad to know you are okay and well, I did notice of your absence, anyway welcome back again, looking forward of your contents one day
Rest in Peace - rr_carroll
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You don't ever have to apologize for anything, remember that. Never.

We've all been there - some more often than others. I'm glad you're alive.

I'm glad I am, too, if that tells you anything. Please take care of yourself.

We remember you as you still are - all of that which you said you aren't.

Just because you don't see it at the moment, doesn't mean it isn't there still. Trust me on this.

But you don't have to perform for anyone. Just, take care of yourself. That's all you need to do, for anyone.

For yourself, most importantly. And you are important. Never forget that. The writing's on the wall, or the videos are on YouTube, if you prefer.
"You're like an old film reel, kissin' me when the crowd can watch."

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Dennis's Mom
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You have nothing to apologize for. I'm so sorry that life has not treated you as well.

I firmly believe you will get better. It's OK that it takes time. This will probably be an ongoing recovery for you, even after you leave. That's OK too.

Best wishes for you. Keep us updated as you can.
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I’m horribly gutted to hear what you’ve been through for the past one and a half years, I suffered quite a lot of mental health problems for the past year, severe depression, being on the verge of panic attacks, dealt with corrupt people and other things that I don’t wanna talk too much about it.

We at Tomb Raider Forums had our stages of dealing with mental health issues, some of us got discriminated whether it’s to do with sexualities, social disorders and other kinds of disorders. I don’t think there’s anything abnormal with us. We’re all human beings. Straight or LGBT

I and everybody else in Tomb Raider Forums wish you the very best recovery possible and we will hope and pray that you’ll return to us. Stay strong GreenApple.
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I don't know you well at all, but I am saddened to hear this, and as other have said, it's very courageous of you to come here and speak about these things!

You have nothing to apologize for, you are not a let-down. I wish you well! Take care of yourself.
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Cat Woman
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Originally Posted by kathrynnn View Post
I don't know you well at all, but I am saddened to hear this, and as other have said, it's very courageous of you to come here and speak about these things!

You have nothing to apologize for, you are not a let-down. I wish you well! Take care of yourself.
Sending lots of hugs.
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It's really nice to hear from you, Greenapple. What a terrible time you've had..... please know that you are not alone. Lots of people have had a taste of some of the things you mention you've experienced in your life and of how you've felt. I know there have been times when I've felt victimised, suffered emotional health problems and felt unfairly treated too.

The good thing is that you are trying to solve it. One day at a time is the only way unfortunately.

The good days always come back eventually, that's my experience. And I hope it is yours too.
Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts - Richard Feynman ●
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Don't ever feel like you owe us anything. You don't owe us an explanation, or an apology, or even an update. We are here for you, whenever you feel the time is right. No one, not even the king of penguins himself is expecting an explanation/ an apology of anything.
If there is anything we could do for you, I'm sure we can help, whether it's talking through pm, or even opening a thread for you.

It's great that you've been able to share you story though, so well done!
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