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Originally Posted by laracroftswest View Post
Maybe so, I did try epsxe just because and got the same issue.
it seems that b122251 made a new version of the NTSC-U game that has SLUS_001.52 instead of TOMBUB.EXE. you can download them from his site https://b122251.org/tr/games/index.html

i'm popping open the others now but i was able to make a playable PSP EBOOT

Edit -

NTSC-J version has SLPS_006.17
PAL-Deutsch version has SLES_004.86
PAL-Francois version has SLES_004.85
PAL-English version has SLES_000.24

so yes, they've all been corrected so they'll run on official ps3/psp/ps vita emulators thank you b122251!
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