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Talking The Kurtis Trent Chronicles

Hi everyone! I'd like to introduce myself, and my first project. After years of messing around with the TRLE, I have finally come up with something I feel I can share with the world. Let me present to you...

Set during Kurtis' stint as a freelancer in the late '90s, a small job investigating the paranormal goings-on at a mine evolves into something far more sinister. Soon Kurtis is knee-deep in a mystery pre-dating the Bible, doggedly pursued by an evil cult, in a race against time to prevent the coming of the end of the world - Armageddon.

The project is split into three chapters, and the first chapter is actually ready for testing - that is, if I can find beta testers! I will also post some screenshots soon once I have some decent ones, but for now, here some links to a few GIFs I posted to my Tumblr a little while ago:





I will update this thread with any developments, so let me know what you guys think! I hope you like it

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Welcome to the forums!

From what I see in the gifs, it looks incredible! So well done to you. I look forward to seeing more images etc! Oh, if I could have a small request, could we have a picture of Kurtis in game please?
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Wow, this actually looks pretty good!

And if you need a beta tester, feel free to ask(as I've tested quite a lot of custom levels in the past.) So I can be trusted to get results.
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Looks fantastic. Well done!
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This is wonderfull I love it
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Looks interesting. Really nice touch with a falling statue
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Alex Fly
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Welcome to TRF !

I love what I see here. I'll definitely keep an eye on your project. Seems very promising so far.
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I was going to make a Kurtis game myself but wow, your looks so promising!
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Looks cool! But, if you need a beta tester you can ask. If it's fine with you, I'd love to be a beta tester. I'm trustworthy not to leak any of the levels online before release. Especially if this project's main character is Kurtis.
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This looks amazing.

A tip: I would recommend replacing those gifs with videos or links before a mod comes along and removes them. (They're over the size-limit)

I'll be following this thread.
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