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View Poll Results: How many documents should be in the next game?
None 14 13.59%
1-10 12 11.65%
11-50 32 31.07%
51-100 (TR 2013) 33 32.04%
101-150 5 4.85%
151-200 (ROTTR & SOTTR) 3 2.91%
200-250 4 3.88%
Voters: 103. You may not vote on this poll

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It's a case less is more. If you have a small number of them players will take the time to find them and you can get the best ones in. When you get into three figure numbers it's just pointless as most players will just skip them.
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It depends. If they are boring and repetitive like Rise than please lower the number so the content keeps higher value. I found almost all the documents in TR2013 interesting though so reading them was a pleasure. I must admit that I can't remember them in Shadow well enough to make a comment on those.
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I chose 11-50, as I would like them to be part of the normal collectible system. They should be scarce but maybe guve a little background info about what happened in the past / offscreen relevant to the story. Reading them should not be mandatory to understand every aspect of the story though.

Depending on the map size I think 80 to 100 collectibles are fine - including about a third of them to be documents.
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30, tops.
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Cat Woman
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I voted 11-50 as I enjoyed finding and reading all the documents. You can also skim through the document and then read it thoroughly later. I found the info interesting to the story.
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Less is more.

TR2013 got it just right.. it was the only trilogy game I 100% multiple times!
It still felt fun to get everything (I'm not a collectionist/competionist)

Ideally I would love for the game not to have any documents etc - keep it simple. Storytell using cutscenes or things characters and NPCs say..
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The addition of documents was one of my favorite new features from the Reboot series. TR2013 definitely did it best and had the most interesting files out of the 3 Reboot games. The documents in the later Reboot games were not as interesting to me. It felt like they were too many filler documents in Rise and especially Rise. I personally didn't care about the files that detailed the daily lives of Jacob's people or the Paititians. I would rather have files that expand on the lore or relevant to the main plot. I voted for 11-50 from the poll options. I would say 25-35 is a good amount.
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I said 200-250 because I think it doesn't matter in the long run. If people want to read them they can, if they don't they don't.
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I voted 11-50. Out of the trilogy, TR'13 did the documents the best. Not only in number, which didn't overwhelm or become a chore, but in the type that helped build the lore of the island and filled in a little bit of character growth for the crew. In saying that, I would have preferred if Hoshi's story was in a cutscene. Rise and Shadow overdid the numbers and although some were of interest and relevant to the story, I didn't really care for the likes of journals from a teacher educating a class, for example.

So, if they keep documents, they need to keep to a number similar to that of TR'13's level that keep to the lore/myth etc.
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Avalon SARL
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Let the focus be on more worthy stuff. The documents never meant anything for me; I rarely read them, even if I collected the document, I would just skip it because they are too long to read and they barely do anything regarding game play or story.

If they exist there should be a reason why they do and they must be related to game play.
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