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Originally Posted by GFY2013 View Post
Yes that's correct, but Lara still won't have any shadows on her, just on the ground, which is weird.
It's not weird. The PC version of TRA uses the same version of the engine that Legend on 6th gen consoles used while the Xbox 360 and PS3 ports of TRA use the Xbox 360 ("Next Gen") version of the Legend engine which has better lighting and real time shadows amongst other improvements.

Nice videos! I didn't even know that there's a working Xbox 360 emulator! About the difference in shadows between the PS3 and 360 versions: It might be that Xenia struggles with that. I haven't played that version in a while but when memory serves me right, the 360 version being played natively on original hardware or on the Xbox One via backwards compatibility has real time shadows on Lara. Or maybe they changed the lighting in the Croft Manor level so that Lara casts a shadow in that scene. The real time shadows in TRA are a bit weird since they're only cast by characters and movable objects, but not by the regular level geometry.
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