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^I really like the protective neck scarf
A raggedy piece of cloth probably has a thousand uses too, I would have really liked this outfit
Well if that ain't aren't the isn't
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Looks like Nathan drake
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Lara really needs to go at hot desert type places. Her dressing in Syria was so good in Rise. We could even have something like this with a scarf and shorts. She has to have killer wardrobe in the next games. No tribal ******** no crappy animal skins for ****ing sake.
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If they ever make a short haired Lara game they better add a barber right in the middle of that jungle or swamp she's exploring "gta style" if they don't want to incur the wrath of the fans.
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Lyle Croft
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tomb raider II is the ugly stepsister of TR2013 in terms of color pallet and the amount of combat.
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Originally Posted by _Seth View Post
I do not remember where this concept came from, but as much as tribal outfits are universally hated, I think this is a good take on how it could have been adapted for Lara:

She looks like a hipster with that scarf and tote bag, on her way to pick up her organic non-fat soy latte with kale, about to lecture us about carbon emissions.

What was it Ostercy calls Reboot Lara? Starbucks Lara?

The tribal outfits are awful, but I see them as sort of... fantastical and non-canon, similar to Golden Lara in TRA. Sure, two of them are a fixed canon part of the story we can't alter, but I still could never take them seriously.
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The Japanese tattoo is very "white girl goes to Japan once" meme material but I otherwise like the artwork.
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So Im watching a Scooby Doo movie and this is definitely evil Lara Croft
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^It's like Lara and Carmen Sandiego's evil sister.

Originally Posted by lance6439 View Post
Betty & Veronica: Friends Forever - Power-Ups (One-Shot) [Textless] (Stadium Comics Exclusive Pop Art Variant Covers) (2022)

Another Classic Lara refence in 2022. You know SE/CD are fuming real hard thinking they could ever get rid of Classic Lara and her iconography. You simply cannot erase a legend even with botchy reboot attempts and years of devs reducing her to just boobs and guns.
It's actually hilarious that they thought they could recreate an icon. What's that quote? 'You can't out-do the doer, okay?.'
'I seem to have a habit of running afoul of religious zealots.' - Lara Croft

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