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Originally Posted by Nephyller View Post
For no reasons, frequently Tomb Raider 1 suffers of lags/slowdown.
No reasons, heh? TR is emulated through DosBox, and just like any emulator, it slows down original game.

Ah, someone already answered this. Still, I am curious what are the specs of topic author's machine.

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Originally Posted by Nephyller View Post
(In advance, my apologies for my eventual mistakes in English)
Hi everyone,
Since a couple of months, I have, like the title said, strange problem with Tomb Raider I...
The problem is the following:
For no reasons, frequently Tomb Raider 1 suffers of lags/slowdown and the weirdest in this story it's that when I activate the number of FPS, the number is always at 30...
I think that it's really strange that I have this problem (that I haven't before) for an old game like Tomb Raider I and not for my other games who need more powers...
If someone knows what to do, I will be thankful !
Thanks in advance.
whats your pc specs?
maybe your pc is old and can start to case a slow downs/lags even for old games regardless of what the FPS is ,as theres different types of lag even when the fps is over 60+ there will be lag/slow downs
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