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Default TRAOD Anniversary

So I'm a little bit confused about AoD's anniversary date

First game date release ever was in June 17th (NA) but Peter Connelly uploaded the Putai deleted FMV at June 20th saying it was the anniversary day of the game. So... what's the truth? lmao help
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He probably just posted it later.
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In different sources there're a bit different dates - June 17 and June 20 as the release date for NA.

Wikipedia says June 17 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomb_R...el_of_Darkness
But TombRaiderWikia - June 20 - http://tombraider.wikia.com/wiki/Tom...el_of_Darkness
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Here it says 'In Stores June 18th': https://youtu.be/YUEm7m0tu3U?t=2m12s

And here it says 'In Stores This Weekend': https://youtu.be/NtOgXxd9xBk?t=1m27s

GameSpot and IGN say June 20th.

I think I have also seen various dates in the early July.

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It went gold on June 18th 2003 which was a Wednesday.


In a weird bit of info from the newswires, Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness has been officially confirmed as having gone gold today and is promised to make its shipping date for the weekend. While that may be good news for some, we thought it was pretty strange: considering the fact that Eidos contacts had informed our sister site Voodoo Extreme that it had already hit the gold process back on June 2
The weekend means the game was probably released on June 20th which was a Friday. I think the release date on Wikipedia is wrong, and Peter Connelly got it right.
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