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Originally Posted by dcw123 View Post
Awesome find... but I'm not sure if this is a mod or something.
(I'm talking about the model itself - not the fact the code exists)

''Barry'' in 2010 made some Deep Sea Objects for TRLE - and this is the exact same Jellyfish (only difference here is no transparency is applied)

So either Barry somehow found the model in TR2 all these years ago - OR this video is just an illustration of what could have been, using the leftover code?
Interesting either way.

I like the idea - and they look cool - but its not like it moves around a lot so, no real threat unless players are dumb enough to swim into a static object :3
well you need to start reading better


man this is so cool! I wonder if tr2 could be modded to include these entities in the water levels?
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Pretty sure it would be possible but hard/buggy; also it seems the jellyfish moves only vertically to match the player's position so it could only work in small passages and could look strange/useless in big enviroenments like in The Deck, except if we figure out a way to manipulate the AI a bit (like with enemy zones)

As I said I would still like to try them out and test by myself, and they would fit A LOT in some kind of floating/surreal level too
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Originally Posted by Topixtor View Post
Pretty sure it would be possible but hard/buggy; also it seems the jellyfish moves only vertically to match the player's position....
Agree, When I was making a video for this, I realised quickly the jellyfish could not do much in the way of movement, so I used the A.I. of the shark in large pool of 'the deck' level for my video above, as I am quite good at manipulating meshes using 3Dmeta, so I removed the rear of the shark, used the sharks head to create the jellyfish body with four fixed tendrils, and used movement of the sharks jaw to create two moving tendrils, that looked realistic.

This made the jellyfish a lot faster and far more deadly. It came to the surface and went down to the depths, as it had shark A.I.

OK, the eyes were a bit of poetic license in my demo (in message 19), but it lets you know which way the jellyfish was heading, either towards you or away from you, so you could run, fight or hide, he he

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