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Originally Posted by OrangeJuice View Post
technology's not quite there yet
bs lie. if avengers can she could, but I wouldn't want her filthy ass to taint them anyways.

Originally Posted by TrustyBow View Post
It was mentioned in this interview.

I don't have a timestamp for you though, unfortunately, so it's up to you whether you want to take my word for it. Microsoft played a huge part in shaping Rise's story, to the point where Pratchett basically had no influence.
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Both them had no reason to be even touching TR.
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Originally Posted by Raider8 View Post
Is there any chance, Survivor lara is ever gonna get the duals ? Also why does shadow not feature duals ?
Shadow is beyond me, at some point CD didn't want the duals to return after Microsoft made their decision is my best guess.

*Flashbacks to the "forget shorts, dual guns, dinosaur's" thread*
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