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Nigel Cassidy
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Originally Posted by paulojr_mam View Post
P.S.: "Rlara" seems like something out of Cthulhu mythos.
Well, seems appropriate...
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Team Classic: We want our classic Lara Croft back!

Everything I loved about TR has been erased. Everything that made me feel empowered as a girl and elated as a TR fan has been eliminated. Even if the new games are said to sell well, it's not because of changing who and what Lara is. It pains me to see what the icon has become. I finished TR2013 cringing in every scene. I tried playing ROTR but couldn't even finish it. And I didn't even try to play Shadow. Tomb Raider is dead for me.
The sassy witty reckless Lara brought to life by Alicia Vikander could be a good compromise for a Classic TR fan but CD can not get the balance right.
Every mention of a new TR game makes me depressed and frustrated. Because I remember what she used to be.
I'm glad I am not the only one who feels this way.
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Red Master FFX
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Signed. Bring Back Classic Lara!

I need her big boobs, dual pistols, supernatural elements, vehicles, bosses, etc.
Tomb Raider 4 & 7 - the best!
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Agreed, so tired of this direction. I miss the fantastical approach to the game which defined it like the creatures, and locations. I miss the old shorts and backpack lara. And for the love of good put some muscle tone on her legs.

The new model looks fine to me, just too skinny in the legs for what she does.The muscle tone in the arms was cool. The combat was boring, the forced costumes looked creative but silly, the swimming parts were to short and unimaginative.

"We wont be seeing Lara using dual pistols or shorts"

Yet we are talking about a studio that hired based on gender and skin color instead of skill and merit. They also shut down for feminist holidays. BioWare did this too...remember Manveer heir or whatever? Imagine working in those environments.That was happening for a while here in Canada. Not sure if it's still going on. I'll be signing that, doubt it will do anything.

They need devs that are not activists. Hiring people that dwell on political climate trends and Twitter, hinder creative expression and healthy work environments. Look at Anthem, Andromeda and bfV. They need to hire passionate devs that are in tune with fans, old and new.

Look at Doom, DMC, Resident Evil or Batman. They know older fans are buying these games and want them back.
1989 classic Batman suit? Take my money! Claire's biker costume or leons old rpd costume? Doom had the classic aim and level throwbacks whilst keeping true to his design.
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Team Classic: We want our classic Lara Croft back!
Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have.

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