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Mr. Mr.
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Default This Game is Severely Underrated

I get it. A lot of content from TR1 wasn't reproduced for the remake. There are some control issues. And the QuickTime Events are... not great.

But you know what? I replayed it again recently and still had a blast. And some aspects are done much better in this game than in TR1, such as the flame room in Palace Midas, and the four God rooms in St. Francis' Folly. Plus it improved on an already impressive Croft Manor from Legend. Lastly, better cutscenes, but that goes without saying.

For all fans' complaints about the game, it doesn't get enough credit for what it does RIGHT.
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I agree with all of that. Anniversary is beautiful, fun, stands the test of time and imo did the original justice.
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It is so refreshing to see some Tomb Raider Anniversary love!! A severely misunderstood gem. I love the Egypt section in this game much more than the original!!
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Great game, flawed remake but that's no big deal. I actually enjoy how they reinterpreted things mostly (when it's not cut or streamlined).

St Francis Folly and Egypt section are excellent.
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I really like TRA. In places it's gorgeous and it has some novel and interesting ways of re-representing the TR1 classic levels. I particularly like Egypt but also some parts of Peru and Greece are lovely too.

Some places are definitely better than others though. I think the final sections are not a patch on the overall creepiness, terror-evoking thrill, I had the first time I played through TR1's Atlantis sections.

But yes, I've always liked it and that's why I would not be against Crystal remaking another classic... like TR3.
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I like Anniversary as a game on it's own. It's probably my most played TR game, maybe most played game ever. 102 hours on Steam which is only counted since 2016-7 but I've been playing this game since 2007.

I seriously enjoy playing it and possibly memorized the entire game. It's like a muscle memory for me. And I wish there were a few more TR games with Legend gameplay. It's seriously a solid ground which Anniversary was built upon. Animations, movements, dynamic environments...


I absoloutely dislike it as a remake.

I can understand they had an incredibly short amount of time -9 months- to build the entire game but the choices they made were not containing the original soul of TR1. (PS: And crystal doing this in spite of Core's TRAE is another thing but I'll try to not mention that in this critique...)

The most on the nose thing: colour palette. TR1 is known for it's bright colours and almost cartoon like style. It's a core part of the game and Anniversary's art style is the furthest away from that.

Level designs: Yes, there were some unnecessary or obsolote places in the original however cutting out every single side room, nook and cranny is not the way to go. This didn't only over-streamlined the game, it also made the game full of long and pointless corridors.
With this approach, they butchered Palace Midas, Cistern, Natla's Mines... and completely removed Tomb of Tihocan.

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I think that might be the most objective and succinct summary of TRA I've seen from a Tomb Raider fan

So many people jump straight to saying "this game sucks" from comparing it to the original. But as you say, on its own, it does what it set out to do well. It's my favourite TR game having played them all since I was a kid, and I don't need it to be a 1:1 of the original TR1, because... Well I'd just play TR1 haha. TRA scratches that action itch that I prefer in my games while still doing puzzles better than the reboot trilogy in general.
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Mr. Mr.
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One other thing: The slo-mo insta-kills. Yes, it's tough to get the timing right sometimes, and yes, it's a bit overdone. But you can't deny how satisfying it is when you do it right.
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