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tr2 works great on 486 + 3d accelerator



486-160mhz is ~ pentium 60-75mhz in games.

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Originally Posted by Wools View Post
It's also odd to see revisionist history where people say game X or Y looked bad at the time or wasn't demanding on PC / Consoles, where they were actually state of the art games and for a lot of people, they couldn't afford to play them.
Hah, very true - not exactly common in general, but coming across this sort of revisionist history is funny: the first time I read a comment online claim that Deus Ex looked a bit dated when it was first released (while still praising it), I rolled my eyes. But then you have to realise some people may be black & white in their views: if a game sets the new benchmark for detailed graphics, then for such people you either have to be as good as the benchmark or you're 'dated' - no middle ground, no gradients allowed.
Similarly, you can find the odd comment stating that 3D games from the early 2000s exhibit 'early 3D graphics' - which is patently false unless, again, you take a binary approach where only 'current' and 'earlier' graphics categories exist.
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