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Default Lara Croft vs. Indiana Jones Epic Rap Battle

The guys at ERB finally gave the fans what they have been asking for for years.

And wow, is it savage. Jones' lines read like a history of the fandom's complaints. Croft's lines towards the Indy franchise are just as savage.

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Dennis's Mom
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Wow. They did their research! Winston in the freezer.

Those are always well done.
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I liked that they even threw in a reference to Relic Run haha
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It's 2022, and the Classic Lara is still the Queen.
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Love it! They did their research and made lots of good gags about Tomb Raider, classic and modern. I hate it when it's all based around the reboot, or when the joke is just "lol she has big boobs"

Also, sweet of them to release it on the 26th anniversary of Tomb Raider 1. Finally, some quality anniversary content
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Tomb Raider
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That was so amazing. "The same rich backflipping bimbo!" lmfao and that's why we love her! That Chase reference too!!!!!
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Anniversary Lara
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I love that Lara changes outfit throughout the video
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jeffrey van oort
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Originally Posted by Anniversary Lara View Post
I love that Lara changes outfit throughout the video
Is that because Indiana Jones doesn't changes into another outfit in Indiana Jones videogames?

I like that you can customize your playthrough experience by slipping into something else.
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