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Originally Posted by xdesperado_ View Post
Though I would have much preferred if Paititi was completely empty, the feeling of isolation builds more atmosphere when exploring.
Yeah. I distinctly remember feeling gravely disappointed when the abandoned section of Paititi (after the quipu overlook) only lasted for like 30 seconds.

Which, immediately, coalesced into a feeling of being overwhelmed, because then I had a humongous area to explore, and my completionist ass didn't know where to start.

Granted, I do think Shadow was good about placing collectibles in areas that are somehow of note, or visually distinct from each other (unlike, say, picking mushrooms in the Summit Forest in TR2013).

I just think equipment gating in such a large hub isn't very satisfying to resolve, because there's so much of it.

It's more effective when it's a smaller space, relatively speaking - like Kuwaq Yaku, where it feels significant to go out of your way to return there with the rope ascender, or what-have-you.
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I had much more fun playing on Game+ mode because you get all of the equipment at the start. No more TEDIOUS backtracking, and wondering where those 5 people are in a sea of people, just to get a lockpick.
Equipment gating in Shadow goes to a pretty ridiculous extent. I wish the game had a journal for doors I left behind due to missing something. Cause there are a lot.
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