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Default Does anyone prefer this to Rise?

So I went back and played a fair bit of Rise last week, and tonight I was oddly in the mood for some reboot since it has been sometime since I played it, and I was surprised at how much more I enjoy it than I did Rise. Now a little disclaimer here for anyone who’s seen my usual posts, I’m one of the bigger critics of the reboot trilogy, but what a lot of people don’t realize is that even though I make fun of them and criticize them harshly, I still enjoy them and like a lot about them.

I was shocked at how I’d forgotten how much I enjoy the reboot. Laura is as whiny as ever, but she is grounded and she feels a lot more likable and believable than she does it Rise. Her excitement for adventure still comes through given the circumstances and you can tell she still loves thrill seeking activities because of the reference Roth makes of them climbing Snowdon together, I really love all the little references that are made about Roth and Laura’s adventures together, it makes Laura more believable hearing of all these little stories and accomplishments she’s made at such an early age. She’s really smart and I love all the moments of her telling some piece of history about the island, Idk something about her passion for knowledge comes through in this game so much more than it did in Rise, I find that these little pieces of her humanity are lost in Rise and she feels a lot less human and a lot more flat, boring, and over serious in Rise. Laura was too much of a self-righteous super hero in Rise for my liking.

The gameplay is also nice and simple. The addition of crafting in Rise was so obnoxious, while I was playing Rise I wasn’t scavenging trees or bushes for everything like I did on my first run so I almost never had arrows because of this, it was frustrating how much they forced the crafting on us to where it felt like a chore just to make arrows. Speaking of chores, The documents and relics are much more interesting here as well, Meanwhile in Rise you’d stake 4 steps and trip over 7 different scrolls and documents that were a book long of some monk droning on about the prophet or something, they were so boring and lacked the character and intrigue reboots documents had.

The music in reboot is also a lot more memorable, Rise soundtrack was so uninteresting I hardly ever even knew it’s playing. The supporting characters in reboot are super cliche, predictable and stiff as a board, but damn it if they’re still not more fun than anyone was in Rise, everyone in Rise was such an over serious stick in the mud. Himiko was much more compelling than the divine sauce was and just Yamatai itself was more of an interesting character than Siberia was.

But I’ve been rambling for long enough, what do you think Reboot did better than Rise? I’d love to hear your guys thoughts.

(Also, the multiplayer was a janky mess but it was fun and no one can convince me otherwise!)
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TR’13 will always be my fave. i agree with Lara being more grounded and imHo she had a better sense of humor in this one than in Rise (i’ll let Blood Ties off the chain but y’know). i didn’t felt overwhelmed by picking up shrubs, breaking tree-branches, or just randomly stumbling upon some survival cache as well, it was salvage crates (they were really satisfying to listen them break )

p.s. i thought the multiplayer was decent, despite being a glitchy-laggy mess
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I'm on the fence on which reboot game is worse (I personally don't enjoy either for the vast majority of them)

Slightly better story since it doesn't have an equivalent to Konstatine's stigmata, but the cutscene direction is still really bad (Such has the people who knock her out pretty much teleportation at certain times, like at the Bridge with Matthais) and Lara should have been dead with all the completely implausible injuries she survives, plus Matthias captures her 4 freaking times but doesnt kill her, despite him even TELLING the Solarii to kill her in a previous attempt.

Rise isn't trying very hard to be edgy with all the blood 'n guts and the brown and grey colour palette.

Blood ties from Rise is the only actually TR-ish section in the entire reboot so far which is a shame as the translation puzzle was great and something the series needs more of

But the combat in Rise is way worse with the really unbalanced skills, the game breaking bandages that overcompensate for there being no reliable way to avoid damage and the Fact that enemy variety is even worse, with those trinity Spec ops guys (who are pretty much just grenadiers with guns) showing up in most encounters, at least in 2013 you would have to prioritise killing the grenadiers first instead they basically just give regular soldiers them, so now the gameplay is about getting grenade-spammed, plus the entire weapon variant system is pointless as why trade your assault rifle for a slower more powerful bolt action when the AI still predictably constantly sticks out of the same piece cover in the same way for an easy headshot.

I could not give a single about any of the Endurance crew and actually hoped Roth would die to his "SUBTLE" Foreshadowing of what would have been the games finale had the devs not changed because some play testers whined it wasn't satisfying,Reyes was also annoying due to being a black stereotype with the notes throwing in an explanation (and nothing else for her) for that, that just made her seem like a completely unlikable person to me who I also wanted to die a horrible death while in Rise I actually liked Jacob, too bad he's wasted due to the way his interactions with Lara go, his backstory on how he misled his people isn't gone into and I wish we had a Lara that resisted his persuasion about the Divine source more.

So I'm not really sure which I would say is better.
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I also like TR2013 better than Rise. Especially the story was more compelling, the documents were more interesting, the environment was richer (I don't really like snowy games in general) and the monologue and quick time events felt less forced.

The whole prophet story just didn't interest me all that much, and every single document was about him. As figure of speech at least. This was not the case for TR2013 were there was some diversity between them; you had crew members talking about random stuff in their lives, Hoshi talking about the priestesses, scientists talking about their research,...

I like the tombs and puzzles more in Rise though. And I really like that game too, it's a great Tomb Raider game, but it still has to bow down for TR2013, which was truly captivating.
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The story was more interesting the characters, enviroment and learning how it all started with Lara. I was sad when Alex died he was awsome and has some humour.
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Rise lost me when at one point it started feeling like Skyrim with running around a village with lots of NPCs. The cardboard characters and dialogues in cutscenes didn't help either. That game just took itself way too seriously.
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100% agreed. Rise is my least favorite Tomb Raider game, but I absolutely love TR2013 and replay it at least once or twice a year. I didn't like the direction Rise took. The more "dense" hubs, as the devs called them, were so packed full of crap that I gave up trying to find everything. I know this is hugely fun for lots of people, but to me it was a chore. All of the game suffered from the "chore" factor for me, unfortunately.

I won't deny that the storytelling in TR2013 leaves a lot to be desired (and I've been very critical of it!), but cliched as it was, it was still entertaining. On the other hand, I couldn't get into the story of Rise at all. Above all, I could not care less about Lara's stupid ass dad. Also, the story of the Prophet and the Divine Source just didn't hold my attention whatsoever. I've only played through Rise once and have barley touched it since, but I just can't remember the lore surrounding either being that compelling. They did a much better job building up the story of Himiko, in my opinion. The journals helped a lot with this in TR2013, in particular the ones from Hoshi. On the flip side, I literally skipped damn near every journal in Rise. Listened to the first few and just...didn't...care. Now I'm not saying that they were poorly done necessarily, they just didn't grab my attention. The overall story just wasn't my cup of tea, but I know that other people enjoyed it. To each their own.

Lara, in Rise, is AWFUL. I'm usually very careful to state most of my opinions as just that, opinions, BUT THIS IS A FACT. She's the worst. I've said this before and I still believe it - she's obsessive and manic and it's painful to watch her do anything. Maybe, maybe, her attitude is deliberately whack because she's supposed to be suffering from PTSD from Yamati. Yeah, that would mess a person up big time, but the problem is Lara suffering from PTSD is NOT a major plot point of Rise at all. If I remember right, the only attention brought to Lara's mental state is confined to a few collectable journals. And that's it. Oh, and that CGI announcement trailer.

I know a lot of people disliked Lara's characterization in TR2013, but I don't mind her. She's meant to be young, inexperienced, and somewhat naive, and I think that comes through well enough. But she's also curious, excitable, and determined. Again, I won't deny that the writing is not great in this game and Lara (in addition to all the cast) could have used a lot more character development, but at the end of the day, I like who she is. That ending line (cliched as it is) when Lara says "I'm not going home," gave me so much hope for her character. They really could have gone anywhere with Lara at that point, and I just hated the direction they ultimately took in Rise. I could go on and on about how much I dislike Lara in Rise, but I'll leave it at that.

One last thing I'd like to add is that the combat in Rise wasn't nearly as fun as TR2013. I know, I know, there was too much combat in TR2013, but by comparison, it felt like there was barely any in Rise. Also, I HATE all the throw-able crap they added. I don't find the "distract enemies by throwing objects" fun at all and felt it was perfectly done already by shooting arrows into wall. Instead the environment is littered with garbage to throw everywhere, that in the end, felt useless to me.

OK, I'm really done now. TL;DR TR2013 is great, Rise tried expanding on it in a way that made it unfun, along with a hugely unlikable portrayal of Lara.
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you, my friend, have what me and my colleagues here consider "taste".

no but forreal anyone can see tr2013 is a much better game than rise. all that rise has got going for it is prettier graphics but that should be a given considering that it's a sequel.

as others (specifically kapu) have said, tr2013 has a lot of faults too, especially in the storytelling department, but it still feels like a product of love and passion. it's fun, it's extremely well paced, it's interesting, all of it feels important (while a lot of rise feels like pure filler) and i know i've said it before but it's fun. a lot of fun.

it'll always have a special place in my heart, although i do expect (and hope for) shadow to be the best entry in the trilogy.

Originally Posted by maikaal View Post
Rise lost me when at one point it started feeling like Skyrim with running around a village with lots of NPCs.
i swear 90% of the game is lara going "how can i helP jEycab" and it feels so useless and futile and there's no reason why you should care about jacob and his lying ass. his people are annoying as hell too.

Originally Posted by Kapu View Post
Above all, I could not care less about Lara's stupid ass dad.
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Originally Posted by OrangeJuice View Post
i swear 90% of the game is lara going "how can i helP jEycab" and it feels so useless and futile and there's no reason why you should care about jacob and his lying ass. his people are annoying as hell too.
Yeah, Lara was really annoying. It was already annoying in 2013 with all her death porn sounds, but this was whole new level. All I remember is her whining about PEOPLE, I hAf to save thees PEOPLE
Maybe do some story and character building first for us to care even a little for those PEOPLE in the first place?
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I found both games lackluster, but Rise at least has good level designs.
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