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Originally Posted by Squamula View Post
What I'm going to do next is write up some stuff about story and myth, and post it.

Cheers, and thanks for the support!

Thanks once again Eric for your continued time and patience in answering so many questions. I look forward to reading your story post soon
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Coming to the thread late.

Just wanted to say I have enjoyed the TR franchise in CD's hands so thanks for keeping Lara going. I thought UW was the best of the three.

Also sorry about losing your job. I have lost mine before and it is a kind of helpless and frustrating experience so I hope things work out soon.

On the "glass half full" front Gamasutra has several Senior Design and a few CD positions posted right now so good luck getting back in the "game" ASAP.
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Thanks again for answering our questions with patience. I learned many interesting stuffes and I look forward the next informations you'll give
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Originally Posted by Hyper_Crazy View Post
Here's one:

If I remember correctly, weren't we told that there would be a different health system used? The one we got was the exact same as Legend.

here we go

"Each location has health packs you can find - ancient remedies still lying around (that your mother would never approve of you consuming)"
And you see the little health drinks (ancient remedies) in most of the levels, there are only modern medi packs on the ships and in the Manor. If you almost kill Lara her health will slowly increase to a slightly higher level, that will allow you to continue playing without Lara dying, so yes it is different to Legend's health system.

Originally Posted by Squamula View Post
Looks like things are winding down. I'm close to calling it quites, as far as the "answer everyone in order" part of this conversation. I'll wind it up soon... You can also see that I'm skipping some questions without comment, but mostly because I have already answered them, not because I don't want to...

Blackmoor: I can't say what the team thinks about anything because the team had up to 100 people on it. Loads of personal opinions, I'm sure. The rest I'll answer later, or not at all where the future is concerned...

Survival: I don't really take inspiration in any direct for when I write stories. Everything I have experienced naturally is in my head to draw from, but I don't have guiding starts I could identify for you.

tha mattster: Choosing locations is something I've talked about in the press a lot. It's about where the interesting mythology and archeology might be found, what makes for cool places to go and explore, and how it all ties in together. As for the sex appeal of the characters, Alister has his shirt open quite a bit, just because he isn't your cup of tea, I don't think it's fair to argue that he was depicted in a frumpy way, or realistically, either. As for the size of the busts of other characters, they are stylized, and shape makes for more interesting visual forms. I don't think it's accurate to say that Natla, for instance, was depicted in a sexualized way. We don't use real people because the character are not supposed to look like real people, but detailed and stylized characters.

daventry: we did make some one-way routes in the game, it's true, because not doing so was excessively restrictive for layout. We made sure it didn't cause any problems, though. How the characters get out of Nepal in the end, well, lara did it when she was little kid, so how hard can it be?

Tavo TR: I'm sad that some people felt cheated by the Adaman Sea area. I thought the idea of blasting through the ship again with Thor's hammer was pretty cool, and we couldn't make a whole separate ship for that...it didn't seem that much of a stretch to think that there were more ships of the same type in the fleet. But no, that area shipped exactly as planned.

Sir Croft: Spherical harmonics were in the game, definitely. Things look so much better with the SH working.

silviu raider: the tools we used for Tomb Raider are internal tools mostly, propriatary and nothing I can talk about. But also boring for anyone outside of the industry. And I wouldn't be much good at running a mansion estate, I'm afraid...

woody543: Can't talk abnout the future, but presently I'm playing WAY too much Left4Dead. I love that game.

Naz2000: What I enjoyed the most about working at Crystal is that there are a lot of talented people and not a lot of nonsense. I have never felt like I couldn't speak my mind there. And I loved seeing ideas come to life there...it was the best part of the actual product side of things. I had fun working on the Legend story and levels and cut scenes and whatnot, and I loved the whole package of Underworld. I didn't work much on Anniversary, though, so I can't say much there. I should add that people are praising me for saving lara, and I want to point out that I wasn't in charge of Legend. I worked with the Creative Director and Lead Designer in a senior capacity, but they and others deserve the credit for the Legend success.

Eddie Haskell: Did I say getting there wasn't as important as what you get when you get there? I don't know why I would have, it's kind of a dumb thing to say. If I wasn't misquoted, maybe I was tired.

Spong: Keir stole a pen of mine to give away?! I don't chew my pens, so if you see teeth marks on it, they are probably counterfeit.

Chocola teapot: My opinion on Lara? She is one of the great characters out there. My ideal Lara Croft? Just the way she is.

Steelmartin: there weren't enough modern locations to want to spend the time on making weapon finding a part of the game. We learned a lot from Anniversary, certainly,and shared team members, too. And movie trailers often show scenes not in the final movie...it's the nature of making trailers for things not yet done.

Psychos'R'Us: We didn't have the space to make playable Natla and Amanda and whatnot...we would have if we could have. My favorite character...you must mean non-Lara character? A part of me liked Pierre, for some reason...I think it was the way he "cheated" by disappearing and reappearing when he wanted...

belter 21: We had the sinking ship in the game before we saw it in CoD4. It was just a cool thing to imagine climbing up a vertical sinking ship!

tempusfugit: Kyle Mannerberg was the genius behind the mansions, but
the decision to make it look similar to the movie came long ago, before my time on Legend. Costume designs have come from many people and places.

Kiss-Bite: I thought I answered all the questions you asked that weren't future or story, if not directly to you, then to others...but I will say again that Eidos gave us a very free hand in terms of making the game as we thought it should be.

jbrown013: There's no cover system because we're already doing 12 things. 13 would have been much too much.

Donnie901: It is hard to get a job as an artist, but lots of things in life are hard. I don't know about any reputation the Netherlands has for artists, good or bad. Good luck!

Cloe Christina: Lara wasn't made in any way to look more like Angelina. If it happened in any way, it was accidental and coincidental.
Nightwish: Everything from the movies that we incorporated on your list were settled before my tenure started, so I don't know the reasons and can only speculate, which i won't do.

Dingaling: a number of people are asking for my gamertag. I generally only "Friend" up with people I actually know. That might include some of you someday.

KIKO: Underworld had many non-linear elements in it, even if it was (nor should have been) open like GTA.

Nenya awakens: asking me if I wanted the cut scenes longer is kind of a trick question. Who wouldn't want more time, more resources, more everything! But it's the constraints that make the final product. If you had everything yuo wanted, you'd never really finish, because creative people are never really 100% satisfied with anything. You gotta put down the paintbrush sometime...

Bladerj: The goal was no invisible walls. Some ended up being needed, but you can't say that they characterized the game experience. You all also just were more clever in climbing up out of the world and finding the ones we put there for your protection. And you did have the choice of opting out of having the camera tell you anything -- the camera only showed climbing possibilities if you let go of the camera stick and allowed it to.

Tomb-Dude: You can choose outfits that are appropriate for climate -- the trailer showed a few things that didn't express themselves in exactly the same way in the game, like I mentioned before. The KEY in the trailer was just a nice bit of business...nothing more than that.

Awestruck: Blur Studios made the trailer, directed by people at Crystal. They do great work.

Nausinous: Lara's clothing and color choices are just a part of her personality...she doesn't go in for bright colors.

Tommy123: I thought I answered about Amanda's tattoos but maybe that was a magazine interview I finished recently...well, the short answer is that they were just henna, attempts to harness abilities with her knoweldge of how the ancients did it. They weren't permanent. The rest are story or already answered, except for question #7. Nice catch.

Los Angeles: Did I know that Core's games were more fun? There sure were fun, that's true!

Camera Obscura: No, these questions are not driving me insane, but I will be wrapping up soon...

Hyper Crazy: No, um, the health system in Underworld isn't the same as in Legend.

JohngPR: Uncharted really didn't influence us. It was a great game, but different than ours, and we were already settled on what we were making.

Lovely LC: I would be happy to work for you or anyone else where the talent was a great as at Crystal. But yeah, finish high school first.

Edsta: Some people like Underworld, some don't, it's all fair game. I'm glad as many people like it as do. I liked a lot of the cinematics, but I admit to especially liking seeing Lara get her ass kicked by the doppelganger...a nice change of pace, no?

amiro1989: I don't know how much effort the tech guys put into look at off-the-shelf game engines, but we have a lot of great code and programming talent in the building, so except for specialized functions, we were better off with our own tools. And we didn't want to make Lara look perfectly lifelike, because the Lara we love is larger than life. And yes, I spoke to Stephen at MTV today -- his was a good article.


Doesn't mean I'm going to never answer another question, but I've been doing this for something like eight hours...it's almost 5pm PST and I haven't had anything to eat or drink.

What I'm going to do next is write up some stuff about story and myth, and post it. It won't have everything in it, and I'll take questions about what I said and didn't say for awhile. But please remember that I still will not be talking about the future in any way, or about DLC in any way, and there is still plenty about the past that I cannot reveal. But there is plenty of things I can talk about without violating confidence or spoiling anything, and I will.

But don't click refresh over and over. I might post tonight before I go to bed, and maybe not until tomorrow.

Also, I have received a ton of PMs and as much as I would like to answer them all, it's too much, so thanks for all the good wishes. I'll be back.

Cheers, and thanks for the support!

Thanks for all the answers Eric, any chance you could start a new thread for the story, so we can find it easier, please.

Originally Posted by LaraCablara View Post
I cant believe someone forgot to ask Why we cant climb on top of the yacht.

That is probably the most asked question on the forum .
You can access the upper deck on the yacht though, you just cannot use the ladder.

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Thank for your answers, I truly appreciate it. I thought you're reply to me was in response to the second time I asked my questions & not the first as your reply came after it. My original questions were many, many pages before & you answered the many questions after mine so I only asked again as I thought my questions may have been lost understandably amongst the many others. I can see where the confusion could come from in the river of questions flooding your way, you answered all my questions which I'm ever so grateful for.
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Originally Posted by Squamula View Post
The Arimaspan: If you got your hands on an old game design document, I'm pretty sure it would be trouble for you to publish it. Laws were broken to get it from the office to your hands, and even if you were only the receiver, you could be held liable anyway knowing that it was illegally obtained. I'm not a legal expert, though, but I wouldn't do it if I were you.
Oooh, aaah, I see. Well, THANK YOU very much for clearing that up, ah-heh ^^;

And thank you very kindly for answering allllll these questions! I got up this morning and it's taken me ages to get through the thread, let alone reply. Kudos to you, sir. And good luck in the future! (take a nice holiday!)
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I know this has probably been asked, but how is Toby Gard?
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Thanks for answering all those questions Eric, I hope you will stay here and enjoy the forums like any other member.
I wish you luck with your future and I hope to see your name in the credits of another game very soon.
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I disagree with his statement on making Lara more realistic, but I'm glad he elaborated on it.
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