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Did anyone ever find resolution for getting gameplay with a fitter Lara? The photo mode muscle intensity is just a tease...
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Originally Posted by Nausinous View Post
I understand just perfectly how the tech works, the muscles at rest would be a certain polygonal mesh and when they flex it causes deformation, there is no limit (other than the say how much the game engine can handle) meaning that muscles can be bigger at rest. It simply requires adding more polygons.
The game engine can handle anything, the models of lara in rise and shadow are very high poly, it's just that when in photomode a different mesh other than her regular arms mesh is called.
They had one tribal which actually had to those muscular arms but then they reverted it back to original.
In short, if they wanted they could have kept the muscular mesh like in photomode but they didn't.

Edit : why was this thread revived again, didn't see this one was way back from 2018 lol.
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