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Originally Posted by Stosh View Post
I have not seen the movie.
I was curious if his acting was the same caliber as Heath's.

I'd say his acting is of similar quality, but, as I mentioned before, in a very different way. Heath Ledger's Joker was a subtle spectacle, making every scene of his a joy to behold, even when he did bad things. Phoenix' Joker, on the other hand... He won't thrill you (or at least not in the same way?) as Ledger did. He won't necessarily make you cling to every facial movement, every syllable. At times he'll actually make you want to look away... Because that's where the movie goes - to dark and uncomfortable places.

In other words, Ledger embodied his Joker so perfectly that it was a joy to watch. Phoenix embodies his Joker so perfectly, that it's anything but a joy. And they both elevate their respective movies because of it.

Hope that helps
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Very helpful. Thank you.
I'll watch it whenever it comes out on free on demand.
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I really liked the movie. Got uncomfortable during a few scenes which is exactly what they're trying to do. You find yourself with mixed feelings. Obviously he's a psychopath doing horrible things, but somehow you get why he's doing them.
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It's kind of chilling how exhilarating it is when he becomes the Joker. Everything after he dyes his hair green is a thrill ride.

It's hard to put into words, I started this thread thinking I'd be able to eloquently explain the thoughts and emotions the movie stirs up but it's such an intimate look into Arthur's mind it's hard to process, even after watching it about a dozen times. (Seriously)
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