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I still haven't received anything yet....
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Just got my tin yesterday. I don't even remember having it as part of my package order but maybe I did. It does have quite nice quality though.

I think that's the last of my order. It took nearly 3 years but I'm satisfied with the content. It's a shame there had to be such issues surrounding it, but it's great to have updated versions of some of my favorite pieces of music in gaming.
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My tin came today! Or maybe yesterday, I didn't check the mail until today. Either way, a few days before the estimated arrival for USA. I'm happy!

I actually forgot which version I ordered. I opened the package expecting a black tin only to discover I ordered the white. What a nice surprise! Hahah. No, I love it. The quality is fantastic and it feels so good to hold the actual, physical copy in my hands. The project may have been rife with unforseen complications and issues, but I don't regret backing it one bit.
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