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^ I need to - I want that classic costume!
I'm assuming it would be DLC in the future though - they can't lock something like that away from fans LOL

Any confirmation of the original OST being included like RE2?

That (along with costumes) really made the RE2 Remake feel classic.
I never liked the new OST as it was just too different, with only 2 tracks in the entire game (RPD Hall and Save Theme) even resembling the originals.

RE3 sounds like its kepot most of the motifs there which is great..
If they were re-doing music, I'd prefer it in the vain of TRA and Crash/Spyro remakes.. remake them but keep them at least on the same overall tune.
One of the reasons I liked Darkside Chronicles redone music tracks - they were new but felt the same...
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Originally Posted by ESCachuli View Post
Please, lets not pretend classic Carlos was a design marvel. I mean, yeah, they could have done him more faithful, but who the hell cares.

He looks way hotter in the remake design tbh.
We're...not? The redesign for the classic just looks like white soldier submodel B type 4 prototype. It doesn't even look like the same character model
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At least in terms of renders, he went from looking 22 to 42, gained 50 lbs, and his pouch obsession is nauseating.
Ahhhm drippin!
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I'm not much for collectors editions. I feel they're a bit messy. I'd love the map poster though. Maybe it will pop up online at some point.
Merry Christmas, Ya filthy animal.
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Got tired of waiting to see if the collectors edition was coming to AUS- so I went to EBGames the other day to preorder the standard edition. When I got there they apparently just announced the collectors edition...

For $430...

Nope. Standard edition for me .
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Do you get your very own Nemisis flamethrower with it?
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The collectors edition is full of useless junk. Just like RE2s collectors edition was, pass.

So I was replaying the original RE3 last night and decided to do a run where I take down Nemesis each time heís encountered, which is something Iíve never done before. I managed to do it each time (the fight in the RPD with the rocket launcher was TOUGH) and got both special weapons. I took him down as Carlos and cured Jillís infection, once I was playing as Jill I was immediately attacked again, I almost didnít take him down because I figured he didnít have anything left other than maybe some first aid sprays. Boy was I wrong. Once I killed him I received the Inf. Ammo Case, which when combined with any weapon gives you infinite ammo for it. I almost pooped my pants! I had no idea that this was a reward in the game, what an amazing reward for the work put in taking down Nemesis! Naturally I combined it with my grenade launcher with Freeze rounds, making the rest of the game absolute cake. What a fun run that was!
Team Classic: We want our classic Lara Croft back!
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