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Tomb Raider
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Default Post a picture of your Smartphones Homescreen!

I remember a thread about posting a picture of your desktop. I figured why not post a picture of your phones homescreen.

Nexus 5x with googles new Pixel Laucher

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Ray Croft
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Nice idea for a thread.

This is mine: iPhone 6 (jailbroken)

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Relic Hunter
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Mine's kinda bland compared to others, but I mainly use my phone for social media and **** (mainly snapchat tho )

~Kiss me on the mouth and set me free, but please don't bite~
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"Your perception of good timing is...bad!"
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You have got Chris (Rivendell) on there.
Your mind is like a parachute ... it functions only when open. ✿
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Daring Do
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People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing everyday.
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Originally Posted by Gabi View Post
You have got Chris (Rivendell) on there.
Well of course, they're dating. I don't actually know if they are.

Continuing college for filmmaking. TR fan.
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I tend to try and color match my lock screen and home screen; right now I've got the two people I love most in the world (besides my boyfriend, because that would be tacky ) on them.

Neil Tennant and Lana Del Rey. Basically, my mom and dad.
(i need to rearrange my games folder; i never ****ing play candy crush so idek what the **** i'm doin' with all three apps on my phone)

EDIT: For those interested, I'm on a Sony Xperia X Performance as of these screenshots, and I absolutely swear by Xperia phones, so I'm happy to be!
"You're like an old film reel, kissin' me when the crowd can watch."

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Lyle Croft
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Here's mine:

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