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Originally Posted by PluitNoir View Post
I also don't get the hype they created about lamas.
they did...? I remember white paint and immersive dub as some of the marketing highlights, but none of the lamas related hype you're talking about.
I have no social media and wasn't even around here at the time so I must have missed something
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Originally Posted by PluitNoir View Post
My biggest gripe with it is there's no sense of an upcoming apocalypse. Everything is so chill, no sense of urgency. Remember TRIV with the red sky and all? You could feel ****'s about to hit the fan. Here it's like meh whatever go fetch some stupid stuff for this kid.
This . TR4's apocalypse makes Shadow look like a joke , and that's a 1999 game . The only sense of apocalypse-related urgency in Shadow was right after Lara took the dagger up until the Tsunami , then the moment the game switches to Peru and it's like the devs tossed the apocalypse theme in the garbage bin in favor of the "discovering living cultures and blending with them" bull**** , even when the game briefly "remembers" what it's supposed to be about and throws in the occasional "catastrophe" set-piece it feels like a natural accident that could happen any day any time apocalypse or not (given the location) . Compare a mundane mudslide or a storm (that both didn't affect Paititi in any way or form) to what TR4 featured like the supernatural red skies , ancient creatures from the Egyptian underworld , havoc taking over and ruining the "modern world" , mutilated insects and scorpions etc .

Originally Posted by MBog View Post
I don't like Paititi because unlike the hubs in Rise there is little to none platforming in the city. I feel like Rise was much more 'vertical' than Shadow (get it ... they promoted the game like that) you could grapple to almost everything, had your weapons to hunt ... etc
Paititi lacks in general, ordinary gameplay that doesn't involve sidequest.
This . For instance , say what you want about how gloomy , uncolorful and moody the Soviet installation looked , but give me that hub with its stupendous verticality , interactivity , isolation and freedom any day of the week over colorful and "ViViD" hubs with little to no interactivity or substance , abhorrent restrictions and loads of questionable design choices .
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The only thing that really bothered me was the forced costume restrictions. I understood why they were in place but I wanted to use whatever I wanted outside of story related things. Even in the post-game you can't wear whatever you want which was a bit of a let down when I was perusing the 100% achievement.
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I'm happy that I played this game before making this thread.

Because otherwise before I even played the game, the users here would teach me to hate Paititi.(And I would enjoy the game less.)

Paititi is great and enjoyable.

Also Costume restrictions aren't important for me because they are just some reskins.
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