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best one so far lol great
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Thanks everyone! All your comments are appreciated, and I'll answer some of the questions...

Originally Posted by orez
I don't have AOD installed, so what does that animating checkbox do?
I'm not sure to be honest, but if you look at the non-existant models such as Von Croy, Putai [the Shaman] and Rouzic, they've all got the 'animating' box ticked. All other objects are either Friends or Enemies. I guess I'll try it out...

Originally Posted by Jordy
Could you alter Karel in that way, and be able to kill him directly in the final confrontation? That'd be interesting to see...
I think so. Some models aren't capable of the death animation for some strange reason. For example, Benard the ex janitor. I can shoot him but when he dies he just stands still...o_o Anyway, I'll try it out and if I get interesting results I'll post them around.

Originally Posted by Pipolinne
I would like to see that tool applied to the skellies...I hated them,even because I couldn't kill them .
What I used to do was kick the skeletons until they dropped somewhere, so technically they can be killed!

Originally Posted by Junebug
Very neat! How did you do that?! I tried to kill the hobo once but whenI tried to shoot he asked me for spare change!!Weirdo!
You need to use the ActorDB tool to set the hobos as the Enemy, then give them some hitpoints and fill in the 'Flags' as 3. If you do this then you can press action to beat them up or shoot them before you talk to them.

Originally Posted by Kristarific
Ohohoho, have I ever told you how much I love you?
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LMAO. Chocolate, these threads never get old
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Amazing! This is my favourite chapter!
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Is there some kind of tutorial on how to use the ActorDB?
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Originally Posted by danitiwa View Post
Is there some kind of tutorial on how to use the ActorDB?
ActorDB is pretty easy:

Load Current - (re-)load the current actor.db
Load Original - Load the original actor.db file (the one that came with the official game)
Save - Save the actor.db file with the current settings
Exit - Close it

The list shows all actors in the actor.db file. Select one to edit it.

Edit field
On the right top there are 3 edit fields, you can change the settings of the selected actor there.

Hitpoints: hitpoints of the enemy, this controls how many shots it can take until it dies. -1 means unlimited, it will never die.
Flags: this controls hardcoded animations. A value of 3 enabled the dynamic death animation (enemy will fall down into a weird position) as well as the dynamic hit animation (when hit but a bullet enemy will shake).
Type: type of actor. Playable is set for the playable lara and kurtis. Friend means unable to shot (lara will not aim). Enemy means Lara can aim for him. Animating: I'm not sure about this one, it seems to be used for actors that are neither of the 3 other ones, but do animate.
Death to Kurtis!
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Ah...if only it's like that. That'll be excellent!
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I remember i made a video like this ones and uploaded it on youtube...

Here's the *******

Next year this time when I'm playing it (Bayonetta3) on Xbone-Mr GaGa–eventually
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I've killed much people, but I can't understand how to play other characters...
Xplain me please...
Biwarez of Kamniloma. Hiz buggi n glitchi.
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