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tlr online
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Question Why are there no remasters of the classic games?

Lost code or technically challenging? Current gen or future proof issues? No budget for it or a lack of interest? Why do you think there are no remasters of the classic games?
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People want them but not enough people to the point where SE feels like they have to make them a priority.
Stings doesn't it?
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Stubbornness and idiocy
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You know how suspicious it is that you're the one making this thread, don't you, Justin?

Anyways, if we're talking specifically about remasters, I think the biggest problem might actually be a mixture of technical challenges and future proof issues.

I can see development tools for the classics needing, a lot of work to have them properly run in modern hardware (I think TRLE also has these problems, and loads of software from the 90s and early 00s also have the same problems). They would also need to be made able to compile the games to run on modern hardware, and who knows how hard might be to write those new compilers (not a programer, someone with more experience in this area please correct me).

At the same time, they did have the IOS/Android ports, so it might not be that hard.

Perhaps future proofing the games might be the hardest thing? I can see them wanting possible remasters to have an option for modern controls, to make the games more accessible to modern standards (keyword: option. The original tank controls should also be an option), but it might be hard have those in the classic engine, especially full camera control.

Who knows, but I sure hope remasters end up happening someday. This year would especially be great for them.
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I am honestly not sure.

They have remasters of the Final Fantasies from the 90's, with upgraded character models etc. So I really can't imagine what exactly would be the issue with doing it for the classic games. Surely it cannot be due to lack of interest, as I don't think anyone on this forum has said they don't want any remasters. At least not that I am aware of. Surely they have the budget for it, as I can't think it would cost that much money. I honestly don't have any knowledge of what one has to do in order to upscale the models and port it, but would it really be that expensive? :/
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Originally Posted by biscuits View Post
Stubbornness and idiocy
This. The Android/iOS ports of 1 + 2 show they have code for those, the source code for 3 leaked, people are decompiling the remaining games so it can be done, and people have built projects like OpenLara and OpenTomb so it's not impossible to bring the games to newer platforms within a wrapper that remasters elements on the fly.
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Tomb Raider
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I agree with Portugalraider, this is very suspicious of Justin to open this thread and not someone else although Justin is known to do some joke trolling from time to time.
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Honestly I think now would be the best time to release them. At least the first 3 games. If they aren't that busy working on the next game of course (If they are then I would advise against doing multiple big projects like that at once). If they are serious about the unifying the timelines idea, then reintroducing the classics to a modern audience would get people so interested in seeing what survivor Lara will draw inspiration from. If survivor Lara does end up going on the same adventures classic Lara went on, then a remake of her experiences would be the perfect opportunity for a retelling.
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They hate Core Lara so much. It’s disgusting.
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They don't think they are profitable enough to put in the amount of work and cost it takes to make deserving remasters, plain and simple. If SE thought there was good money to be made there I'm 95% certain that they would have done it already but alas I think the iOS/Android TR1&2 ports are proof to them that classic TR just won't bring in enough revenue to invest in them.
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