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Hello there,
Take a look at this, this could be of great help!

This small tool allows you to check in which room there are polygons with a certain ID texture.

  • -In the Texture ID field, place the texture ID you want to find:
  • -Press FIND, and next to it a list will appear where each entry corresponds to a polygon with the ID texture.
  • -The room will also appear where the polygon is and what type it is: a QUAD or a TRI.


The use of this tool is very possible when you want to see if a certain texture has been "loose" after having textured all or all rooms.
Usually you always start with an ID texture by default when creating a new room with Dxtre3d, so it is good to use this tool to find out if there has been a missing polygon with that ID texture that has not yet been textured.


This tool only opens TR2 or TR3 levels.
You must put the level file in the same directory where the EXE is located.



good luck!

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